Public Service Announcement

No amount of cinnamon or cherries will cure or reverse diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease that causes one’s body to destroy insulin producing cells in the pancreas. Once triggered (can not be triggered by eating sugar or not exercising) it can not be stopped or reversed, despite what the unicorn riding merpeople might lead others to believe. There are no miracle cures. A cure will come one day but it will be via the dedicated work of scientists, doctors, researches and study participants who are tirelessly working toward the cure daily.

If you would like to further advance the development of a cure for diabetes please educate yourself on true causes and current diabetes management – then find a organization like the JDRF, ADA, Diabetes Research Institute, Diabetes Hands Foundation – and donate your time or money. If you know someone with diabetes or someone who loves someone with diabetes please refrain from offering up magical fairy farts (otherwise known as miracle cures) as a solution.

That is all.


4 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. Halloween is hard. So is Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s day, and class party day, and field trips, and going to the doctor days, and long car trips, the days when some well meaning friend or stranger tells you your child would be cured if he or she would only stop eating sugar, or eat more of some miracle food. It’s even hard the easy days when you forget that your kid has Type I diabetes only to wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and run and check a blood sugar to discover that it’s 54 and only by the grace of God did you wake up in time to keep your child alive to live another day. As one of my very best friends, Christina Ghosn says, “Things don’t get easier, you get better.” Both types of diabetes are hard. But for Type I ,, there is nothing we can do for our kids except test blood sugar often, giver them the insulin they need, and teach them how to cope with this relentless interloper that has barged into life in the most positive way possible. See the endo often, get eyes checked every year, become a diabetes advocate in some way-walk for a cure, volunteer, go to diabetes camp, and educate those people who continue to offer up magical fairy farts…


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