It’s Not About Me

I am participating in the National Health Blog Post Month #NHBPM via Wego Health.

 Thankfully I get prompts (since I have not been able to pin down a coherent thought since July this is really good)

Today’s prompt – two choices:

“Why I write about my health” or “My favorite thing about social media/the internet/online communities”

Why do I write about my health. Well I don’t write about my health (although moments of my occasional depression or madness sneak in). I write about my kids health. I write about how Diabetes moved into our lives in Feb of 2007 and then two years later moved in further.

I have two kids with Type 1 Diabetes. I have three kids all together, four if you count my dear husband and how sometimes he is as difficult as the kids (shhh don’t tell him I said so).

Diabetes doesn’t only effect those who have diabetes. It affects us all. Our lives don’t revolve around diabetes except when they do. Diabetes wreaks havoc on my kids bodies and then extends to the all of us emotionally and physically. (Every wonder what repeated sleepless nights will do to your body? I don’t wonder I know and it ain’t pretty.)

So why write? I’ve never fancied myself an author, poet, philosopher. Yet I sometimes manage to share a post or two that speak to others. That’s great but it isn’t why I write. I write because after 5 years of battling diabetes alone my brain exploded. Ok not really, but last Januaryish I hit a real low. I felt so overwhelmed and needed somewhere to sort out all that conspired to consume me – emotionally, physically, socially. I had been occasionally reading other diabetes blogs – some very well-known – others more modest. It was hit or miss for me. If a diabetes Facebook friend shared a post I would almost always read it. While reading the post I would click on other blogs (bloggers with diabetes are great at sharing other diabetes blogs – love that!)

My mind was still so jumbled up. Too many thoughts and too few people who had the time or energy to hear yet another bad blood sugar story. Thus I decided to start a blog. I imagined it something like Dumbledore’s Pensieve – remove memories to clear the mind but keep them safely stored so I can recall them when needed – maybe share them with someone who could benefit from them. Alas – my blog was born. I write to share stories, experiences, occasionally a great piece of technology (although other big league blogs have better toys to talk about), ask questions, (dare I say it) – inspire others, and to meet others that are my brothers and sisters in the D world. I haven’t only met others in the Diabetes world – participating in Wego Health I have met a slew of folks with other chronic illnesses that humble me with their strength and determination to make the world stop and listen (some that do so with great humor – one of life’s best and most renewable resources.

Through writing and sharing I have met some of the most wonderful souls. Which brings me to the second prompt. My favorite thing about social media. My modest little blog might never make it to the show (had to make baseball reference – Giants won the World Series – wait I already made a baseball reference – well can you blame me I live 40 minutes from the Giant’s stadium.) However, it serves me well. I share – others read – comment – or even share my blog. In the process I learn from them, I make new friends, I don’t feel so overwhelmed and I haven’t felt alone since I joined twitter and the Diabetes Online Community.

So there we have it – Day 1 of 30. (Although I should get bonus points for covering both prompts.)

Now it’s your turn to share. Go to the link above for the National Health Blog Post Month and get your prompts.

PS – Yes I tagged Dumbledore – he is the greatest wizard and headmaster Hogwarts has ever known. (Yes I am a dork)

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