Ignorance Limit Met

And the list of people who can kiss my ass continues to grow.

So last night I ran to Target to pick up cookies at nearly 9pm.

Why would I go to target at 9pm to get cookies you ask. Good question.

Well my dear daughter told me at 8pm that she volunteered to bring cookies to a Halloween party in music class. She is so thoughtful. (tinge of sarcasm there)

Off I go to Target to get cookies.

While at target I grab a few other essentials including some Glucose tabs, lancets and alcohol wipes. (yes we occasionally use alcohol wipes and occasionally change the lancets)

Now I’m in line. Its a long line filled with lots of last-minute costume shoppers with kids whining (why are they at target at 9pm?) that they don’t want to be Ironman or whatever and various moms are telling them it’s all that’s left. (So glad this wasn’t me – I dutifully got our costumes on Sunday)

The lady in front of the lady in front of me is having trouble finding her driver’s license which is necessary to write a check. She is digging through a humongous purse while her son, maybe 8 years old, digs through her wallet (again why at Target?).

There are more people behind me and I’ve already unloaded my basket, alas I wait and smile a “I’ve been there” smile to the poor soul holding us all up.

MEANWHILE – I notice the lady in front of me eyeing my items on the conveyor belt. She looks perplexed, painfully perplexed and there is certainly a hint of disapproval in her smug smile. I ignore it thinking she is just annoyed at the lady looking for a lost licence. Then she (the perplexed lady) speaks to me. She does not take her eyes off my items.

Perplexed lady: “Excuse me, do you have diabetes?” as she nods at the glucose tabs, alcohol swabs and lancets.

Me: “No two of my children do”

Perplexed lady: “two of your kids?”

Me: “yes”

Perplexed lady: “I’m a nurse”

Me: “congratulations” Ok that might sound bad but had you seen the condescending looks she was giving my items you might have replied the same – no,Β she was still not looking at me.

Perplexed lady: “Do you really think you should be buying your diabetic kids cookies?”

This is where I wish I could draw. I would like to show you the images that went through my head. Forgive my doodle but its the best I can do.Β 

Me: “My kids have Type 1 diabetes. They can eat everything everyone else can eat. Did you say you were a nurse?”

Perplexed lady: “Yes. I deal with diabetics all the time. It’s important to teach them (THEM?? – I’m sorry are pwd like those who travel in steerage?) about eating healthy to reverse their diabetes.”

Me: “Eating healthy is important for everyone not only people with diabetes. Enjoying a cookie will not endanger my kids just like not eating a cookie will not reverse their diabetes. And as much as I am enjoying this conversation it seems I have met my limit in dealing with ignorance today so pardon me if I ignore you now.”

Perplexed lady finished checking out just then and didn’t say another word to me although her head shaking may have indicated that she disagreed with me.

The cashier greeted me friendly apologised for the delay and then apologised for the lady in front of me. Then she said “Always let them eat cookies”. As she loaded my bags into my cart I saw a glimmer of what I think was a diabetes alert bracelet.


9 thoughts on “Ignorance Limit Met

  1. I give you a TON of credit for not strangling her as well as for standing up for your kids!! I think you handled that beautifully, and I dare say I am not sure I would have done quite as well. πŸ˜‰


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