Sunday Seven

oops forgot to post – DVRd episodes of Two and Half Men got in the way.

  • Always check blood sugars before ascending 150 feet up. Kids were stuck 15 stories up on a malfunctioned ride for 15 minutes. Hadn’t checked them prior to. Yes I was freaking out.
  • I don’t feel guilt. My kids get “Special Assistance” passes at theme parks thanks to the ADA. Yes we skip lines or get a ‘come back time’ so my kids don’t stand in a 2 hour line for a ride. My hubby still feels a little guilty but my kids will live with diabetes for all their lives – skipping a few ride lines a couple of times a year  isn’t taking advantage of their disease. It allows us to attend theme parks without fear (well until they are stuck 150 feet up with no sugar).
  • Animas – please consider having multiple reminder alerts for low cartridges. One alert is not enough for a 13-year-old teenage girl. It is too easy to hit a button and move on to life’s more important things like gossip, boys, and new braid styles. Result of only one alert – daughter runs out of insulin an hour after school starts while I am 30 miles away.
  • Kids taking part in the Big Blue Test daily. As if they were not competitive enough with their numbers – the Big Blue Test has added an entirely new level of competition. I’m not complaining – they have been more active the last week than the entire month prior. Take the Big Blue Test – test your blood sugar – get active – test again – upload results to  Some suggestions of how to be active: dance in your cubical, chase squirrels, do lunges while shopping, dust baseboards (ok that’s not fun but when my kids tell me they are bored I make them dust baseboards and used info for BBT), and/or adult pwd – have vigorous sex – come on you know it lowers blood sugar). Click here for more information about Big Blue Test.
  • I have Dexcom G4 envy! Please FDA hurry up and approve for under 17.
  • Hiring contractor to build a bedroom for our dear daughter upstairs using a portion of our game room. It will mean giving up a pool table and wet bar but the benefit of having all my kids sleeping on the same floor as me will be worth it. No more twisted ankles due to navigating dark stairs at night to check blood sugars.
  • Just saw that DSMA Tweetchat will be a free for all on Wednesday Oct 31st. That’s just spooky. Chaos reigns. Hope some of the DOC will be available to chat it up prior to or just after begging door to door for candy. Click here for DSMA webpage to get the Tweetchat link. Chats are every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific time.

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