30 Days 30 Posts

November is National Blog Posting Month. Starting November 1st I will be taking part in the 30 Day 30 Posts challenge as a Health Activist and Diabetes Awareness Advocate.

NHBPM 2012 (Link to sign up for National Blog Posting Month)

Now I know what your thinking – I have not posted much since July (maybe even June). Clearly I’ve gotten lazy or complacent. This is not true. I have just been overwhelmed – to the point that I could just as easily be blogging about depression and anxiety along with Diabetes. Seems the move has undone me. The thought of a move being my undoing makes me angry and sad. There are so many that suffer much bigger things – yet I would find myself completely unpredictable over the last few months – some days are good others I am ready to load up the van and drive back to Texas.

Things that have kept me sane are:

  • Wednesday evenings spent with 30+ of my closest DOC (Diabetes Online Community) friends. If you haven’t attended a Wednesday night twitter chat with the DOC and you have diabetes or love someone who does please check it out. It is at 6pm ET – you can get the link here (scroll to bottom and click twitter chat) And while you are checking out the DSMA site – be sure to check out the monthly blog carnivals.
  • I have a neighbor who is at least as crazy as me – she has welcomed us with open arms, her son is a great playmate for my boys and honestly she makes me laugh.
  • A texting group I refer to as “The Hive”. It includes 5 of the most wonderful DOC members – they carry on conversations and when I can I jump in too. It is like having a pocket full of friends and they are always with me.
  • Its fall and the leaves are changing – that doesn’t really happen to well in Texas. I love the smell of fallen leaves and crunch beneath my feet.
  • I get to bake with pumpkin for the next few months (yes I know I could always bake with pumpkin but I like to save it for the fall).
I have a dozen blog drafts started with a range of topics – TrialNet, Health Insurance, The need for FDA approval for the Dexcom 4G for under 17, Sleep Deprivation, and Advocating for our cwd in school. Some of the posts I will finish and share. Others I likely wont – I mostly wrote them for myself. Hoping that the NHBPM 2012 will get me writing again – and reading. Surely next week I’ll have time (a phrase I have been saying every week since Aug 20th.). Hope to see my DOC friends participating in NHBPM. Cheers.



2 thoughts on “30 Days 30 Posts

  1. I have a DOC texting group too, but we don’t have a name. I need to work on that. There are four of us in the group. Three of us have desk-ish jobs and talk throughout the day. The fourth lets us know how many texts we managed to build up between breakfast and her lunch break! LOL! 😀


    1. DOC texting groups rock. I don’t text as much as the others – there are days that I have 200+ messages from the group. I jump in when i can. It’s nice they are there when ever I need them. Hope I can meet them all in the future to give real hugs.


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