Sweetstuff with Diabetes Camp BFFs – Notice the blue fingernail polish – WDD represent!

I am seriously out of time. The movers will be here Saturday. I am leaving tomorrow to pick up Sweetstuff and Sugarboy from camp. I have spent the week dividing my time between cleaning, having with Middles, and playing Where’s Waldo on the Texas Lions Camp website. I have so much to blog about regarding Texas Lions Camp and Diabetes camps in general. It will have to wait though.

BUT I wanted to write this post now. Right now so that maybe just maybe y’all will help make Sweetstuff go viral. TLC recorded her singing her song and put it on YouTube and asked all the TLC Facebook followers to share it. They have been doing a great job – won’t you consider sharing it too.

Here is the link to her video.

This is a copy of the bunk note (email) I sent to her after seeing her video – she will get it tomorrow. Tomorrow is the closing ceremony at camp. There is a good chance she will be asked to sing for all the campers and their families. I am hoping if she gets that opportunity she will share a few  other thoughts.

OH MY GOODNESS you beautiful wonderful amazing child of mine!!!! 

I saw you on Youtube. I hope you thanked Dr. P and camp staff for allowing you the opportunity. You were amazing – you are amazing. So proud of you!!!!! 

I also saw that you got to go to Sea World – how incredibly awesome. I saw lots of video of you and got to hear your sweet voice there too. I think my heart almost exploded with joy. I also saw a picture of you taking a picture – yea!!! 

If you are given another opportunity to share your song perhaps consider sharing another thought with it – you have a gift and a voice if you get a chance consider using it to encourage others – invite them to “write a song, write a book, write a poem, tell a story – tell THEIR story. Like the great Diabetes Dad Tom Karlya says “Just don’t do nothing” – invite them to make the world recognize them and make a difference”  

I can’t wait to hug you so hard I might break you!!!! 
I want to write more but I am crazy busy with cleaning and packing and organizing. Im running out of time to get ready for everything. I miss you and love you and am so glad you are at camp having fun. 

Last reminders: 
Wear Sunscreen 
Brush your teeth 
Dance like no one is watching 
Hug everyone every chance you get 
Tell others they are beautiful 
Thank your counselors and med staff 
Take Pictures 
Have thumb wars
Smile till your face hurts then smile more. 
It has never gotten easier – you have gotten better. 
Love always – your very proud mom

4 thoughts on “OUT OF TIME

  1. She is amazing, hopefully American Idol can hang in ther till she is old enough to audition:) That was a sweet note you wrote her, I always miss my girls when they were/are at away camp.


    1. Thanks Debra – Not sure she has the patients to wait for American Idol – I think she will be banging on Hollywood’s door long before she is Idol age – good thing we are moving to Cali I guess. She was bummed she missed an opportunity o audition for an Animas commercial – the auditions were in June in San Fran. There will be more. Excited to see her and Sugarboy tomorrow – sad to know their time at camp is coming to a close. Thanks for the comment. Cheers


  2. I liked her video and shared it. She does have a beautiful voice.
    I laughed reading your bunk note, because it put my little bunk note to shame. I must admit I will be using some of your ‘reminders’ in my next one. Safe travels.


    1. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for your kind words and for sharing Sweetstuff’s song. As far as the bunk note – turns our the site I was using to send bunk notes is no longer affiliated with Texas Lions Camp so my dear daughter didn’t see her note. I had printed all her and Sugarboys notes so they read them when they returned home. You may want to check which site you are using to send bunk notes to ensure delivery. Again – thank you!


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