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Technology is an awesome thing. Social networking sites keep us connected, informed, and entertained. Technology is also addictive and having been mostly unable to get connected for the last week has been causing me major withdrawals. There should be a 12 step program for this addiction.

We left TX on the 3rd of Aug. I lost my connection at my home on the 30th of July (thus no blogging – blogging from my phone is just painful – I tried). I have tried my best to keep up reading a few blogs from the road (very few quiet kid free moments in hotels made it difficult). Aside from the occasional instagram picture posted on Twitter or Facebook I haven’t been around. Keeping 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a grandpa entertained has taken up most of my time and energy (not complaining it has been wonderful being fully focused on those I love).

Our ClimaPak by Kewl Innovations. More to come in a dedicated post tomorrow.

During our adventure I was asked to test drive the new ClimaPak produced by Kewl Innovations.  I will write a separate post to share our thoughts on CP.

Managing the kids blood sugars have proved very challenging. Moving out of our TX home on the 30th meant no way to cook healthy meals. Restaurants that do have healthy choices are often sit-down type places and are usually more costly. Thus up until we arrived at my dad’s home in AZ we were eating take-out and fast food. We did do subway but that proved difficult since my dear daughter has been having some issues with bread – ie. gluten (at least we suspect this is an issue). Not so healthy food choices combined with  16 hours in a car resulted in very yucky numbers and grumpy kids – despite increased basal rates.

The week of ugly numbers 250+ (even a few 400’s – due to missed meal boluses and a bent canula) combined with higher than normal numbers likely due to increased stress and anxiety will not result in my kids best A1Cs (not gonna make a great first impression with new endo in Cali). Yes I know an A1C isn’t the ‘end all be all’ of diabetes management but it is still a mommy report card and it does cause me guilt, frustration, and even embarrassment.

We will leave AZ on Wednesday to travel to California. It is an 11 hour trip, which is too long in a car for my traveling zoo. We will stop half way to rest. Planning on reuniting with my dear husband late afternoon on the 9th. Excited to be attending a Giants game on the 10th with the Bay Area JDRF.

You can donate to Ghosn’s vs. Diabetes by following this link:

Bullets from the road:

  • Dads will always want to drive even if the daughter (that’s me) is 38 years old and it’s her van
  • Soda’s left in a hot vehicle should not be opened until chilled properly (sorry Hampton Inn)
  • Cats don’t travel well
  • Always go potty if given an opportunity – the next rest stop may be 73 miles away
  • You never need everything you pack – pack less.
  • Van Horn Texas has exactly one traffic light
  • If the kids fall asleep while driving in the late afternoon – wake them up or they will be awake at midnight in the hotel room
  • ‘Dry Heat’ is a myth people from AZ tell others so they don’t seem so crazy for living here (The mermaids in the lake and unicorns on the hill agree)
  • Even in the middle of the Texas Desert you can get Rush on the radio (Ill leave it to you if you want to think that is a good or bad thing)
Keep calm and drive on. 



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