Pulling off the Band-aid

I’m sad today. The upcoming move is coming up fast. Two weeks from tomorrow we will be on the road with 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 kids, 1 grandpa and a couple of weeks worth of clothing and diabetes supplies. We will go to my folks winter home in AZ for about a week then on to the suburbs of San Fran. We won’t close on our new home in San Ramon until Aug 20th so in the meantime we will stuff ourselves and our pets into my hubby’s tiny 2 bedroom temporary apartment (I keep having images of clown cars and it is just as scary).

My Sweetstuff and Suagrboy have only the remainder of this week to fit in as many playdates as they can before they are off to diabetes camp (which in itself is stressing me out since it will be Sugarboys first time away from me for a week at a sleep away camp). We are basically booked solid with last-minute visits before camp. The following week it will just be Middles and I making final preparations for the move and hopefully fitting a few playdates in for him and his buddies before we leave.

I am basically a wreck today. Thinking of all those I will be leaving behind and all that they mean to me and my kids. I’ve already made great connections with other Type 1 families and organizations in the Bay Area and I am excited to meet them but I would like to pack up my friends from here and take them with. There is no such thing as a stress free move when you are leaving so many you love behind.

It doesn’t help that the contract we had on our home here was terminated because the buyers were unable to secure financing (they seemed so great too – I’m sad for them). Thus our home is back on the market and I fear we will leave without a contract in hand. I am certain our home will sell soon. We have lots of traffic and I know it shows well – just hoping the right buyer happens along sooner than later.

I fear the stress from the move is also effecting the kids blood sugars. They are both running higher than normal despite adjustments, frequent site changes and limiting the sweets. The move is taking a toll on my Middles too. He worries most of all – will he find new friends, will his new friends like playing Airsoft and skateboarding? Sweetstuff is having a hard time too – recent fallouts with some of her previously closest friends have made her sad to think she will leave without them saying goodbye. It’s tough being a tween – couldn’t pay me enough to do that again. Also she will desperately miss the friends she has become very close with the last few months. I don’t know if the numerous sleepovers and hangouts have been a good thing or bad – makes it harder to leave the closer you get.

My wicked smaht hubby made a great point this morning when I became choked up about leaving – he said maybe all the time I’ve had to prepare has made things worse – like removing a sticky band-aid slowly vs. ripping it off quick.

I hate it when he is ‘possibly’ right.

For now I tell myself….

7 thoughts on “Pulling off the Band-aid

  1. Moving sucks! Every time I think about looking for a new job, I have second thoughts just about the moving part.

    I just spent a week with my 11 yr old niece and 10 yr old nephew. OH MY GOSH! So much drama! So many hormones! I begged the 6 yr old to stay little forever!


    1. There is a lot of drama – when a non-drama moment happens I try to close my eyes and force the memory into my longterm. Im hoping that when they are grown I don’t remember the dramatic moments – just the sweet moments in between.
      I am actually excited about the move – yesterday was hard because I was answering many calls to schedule last minute playdates and also trying to answer questions from my kids as to why “so and so” hasn’t called. The move will be great for us. It will make my kids stronger and more resilient. I am also hoping it brings them closer. Right now they seem to hate each other – maybe a few weeks of nothing but each other will force them to like each other just a little. (well if they don’t kill each other on during the drive)


  2. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. In all of our way-too-numerous moves we’ve never hopped States. My hear goes out to you and your family.
    Just stick with it, sugar…it’ll get better. *hugs*


    1. Thanks Chris. The move really is a great thing. The San Fran area is fantastic and we are so lucky to be moving there. I think I’ve always known that Texas wouldn’t be our forever home. I wear my heart on my sleeve and have grown to love so many people here that it is just hard to leave. Although Im sad for my kids as I see their little hearts ache for the friends they ill leave behind Im excited for them to have the opportunity to meet new friends. I think moving can build character and strengthen us – remind us that change can happen, will happen and won’t always be bad. Yesterday was hard – I spent a lot of time scheduling last minute playdates for the kids and explaining to my friends that while I would love to have lunch my kids have playdates scheduled and I need to around for them. Thank goodness for social media – our friendship (you and me) is a fantastic example of how we don’t have to sit down for lunch to love one another. Thanks for the note Chris. I do hope you will find yourself in San Fran one day so we can have “lunch”.


    1. Im so excited – when will you be around? My house will be being packed all day but Im sure I can sneak away. Won’t be home from picking kids up till about 10am. Hubby will be here.


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