Conversations With Strangers


Diabetes Blog Week – Day Two – A Poem.

Conversations With Strangers

Can they eat that?

Yes they can.

Is that some sort of Mp3 player?

No, its his pancreas. 

Doesn’t that hurt them?


I bet they get used to it.


Will they grow out of it?


But they’re not fat.

It’s not a ‘fat’ thing.

I heard cinnamon will cure them.

No it won’t.

Maybe they should try a carb free diet.

Won’t cure diabetes.

So your daughter shouldn’t have kids?

She can have children.

Didn’t you breast feed?

I nursed them all for 18 months.

Shouldn’t they do that in the bathroom?

No. they’re good here, thanks.

My grandpa had diabetes, lost his leg before he died.

Sorry for your loss. 

You know diet soda is poison. 

Thanks for your thoughts. 

At least it’s not cancer.

Yes, at least it’s not that. 

4 thoughts on “Conversations With Strangers

  1. I got a new one from a mom at J’s school. “I do healing with magnets. I can cure the diabetes.” Face palm and walked away.


    1. The magnets only work if you are burning incense made from the tree bark from trees in the Amazon that was harvested during a blue moon and you are sipping organic ginseng tea spiced with cinnamon. Everyone knows that.


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