More Than Once In 12 Months

I could give a plethora of excuses as to why I’ve not blogged. I could but I won’t because none of them are sexy. Quite the opposite – think unpacking our lives in sweats and t-shirts the only benefit has been unlimited no-bra-time.

Over the last nearly 90 days we sold a house in CA, bought a house in WA, moved, registered 3 kids for school in a new state, completed 3 new 504 plans at aforementioned schools, found a new endo for kids, and as I mentioned above been unpacking our lives for the second time in less than 2 years. Quite a bit of change in our lives. My kids are handling it all stoically – mostly.

Unlike when we moved to CA I have not spent countless hours months in the fetal position crying in the shower. Not that I don’t miss my CA besties as much as I have missed and did miss my TX friends – instead I learned that nothing good can come from reclusing (is that a word – blogger doesn’t think so) oneself while focusing on all that was lost vs all that was gained or could be gained. In fact focussing on things lost and continuing to dig a hole hurt me more and actually cost me friendships – please keep in mind that during that first 12 months after the move to CA my 3rd child was diagnosed with diabetes which inevitably added to my depressed state.

Oh I digressed. sorry moving on.

So here we are 6 weeks into our new home here in WA. Yes it rains and despite what some had led me to believe, it isn’t always raining and when it is raining it isn’t always just a misting – there are times that big fat drops of rain shower down. Still most days – even the days that start with big fat drops of rain nearly always end with sunshine and a gorgeous sunset. Everything is green – EVERYTHING. Honestly after texting some pictures to a group of CA friends one ask me if I had moved to WA or Eden – I replied “I think both”.

The pond behind my home.
trees seemingly to grow out of the stump of an older larger tree – looked like a woodland wishing well.
took me a moment to decide if I wanted to cross the creek using the bridge or the fallen tree. dogs made me take the bridge – scary cats.
my red rain boots – purchased 3rd day after we arrived. worn at least once everyday since. they were not ideal for this particular hike which is a tremendously funny story I shall share one day.
my favorite picture from my unintended hike. “In a world where you can be anything – be the bent tree” – I said that. I will also be blogging about the deep thoughts I have behind it. stay tuned.
I was honestly waiting for velociraptors to come out of the deep ferns. This was about a mile into my unintentional hike. While highly unlikely carnivorous dinosaurs lurked beneath the ferns I later learned that bears, cougars and bobcats are abundant in the area. Again a post for a later day.

The kids are enjoying school. There are things they prefer – like daughter prefers taking the bus vs me driving her each day. When I asked why she may have said something about me being in my bathrobe at drop off. Our new house is surrounded by countless kids and there is nearly always a kid knocking on the door to invite boys to play basketball, air-soft or just run about the neighborhood. That is awesome.

Diabetes related stuffs:

Daughter started Dexcom G4 a week ago. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I’ll do a separate post on that. The boys should be getting their G4s soon.

New Endo (actually a nurse practitioner) is fabulous as is the endo team.

I did loose a pleasant argument with the CDE yesterday while discussing how fruits do/do not change in carb content based on ripeness. I lost the argument and owe the CDE lunch. I’ll do a post on that too so stay tuned.

No fulltime nurses at the schools. They rotate between 2 schools. The middle school kids are fully independent so it’s not an issue. Sugarboy is in 4th grade and he is independent but he texts the nurse his blood sugars 3 times a day as well as info regarding carbs consumed and insulin dosed.

There is another 4th grader (a girl) in Sugarboy’s class with T1D. I had met her mom via a private Facebook page for parents of kids with D in the area before I moved up. Her mom has become a wonderful friend to me and her support was priceless before, during and after our move.

No one other than a licensed medical professional or paramedic here in WA can administer glucagon (state law). That concerns me a bit and I’ll be working toward something to create a national standard for diabetes care – at least diabetes emergency care in our country. Every state varies so greatly and our kids are the ones put in danger because of it. Obviously not a deal breaker in the move – the kids check blood sugars so often (3-4 times a school day) that it is unlikely a severe low would sneak up on them.

Ok so the last diabetes related item – and this is where the title of the post will make sense.

In october of last year our family and a number of friends walked with the JDRF to raise money for research to end diabetes. That was only 6 months ago. We have walked with the JDRF every year since our first child was diagnosed with diabetes. Some years we work harder than others to raise money. Last year was a great year largely because of my awesome CA friends that hosted a garage sale and BUNCO party to help fundraise but also because of all our friends and family around the country and even extending to other countries. Still that was only 6 months ago.

Here in WA the JDRF walk is held in May. That means we will walk again in just 24 days. That means reaching out to friends and family asking for support. We don’t have to fundraise – we could just walk. I was just gonna have us walk and skip the fundraising. Honestly I hate asking for money even when the cause is so near and dear to me.

Then I realized I will be 40 in two days. I am not sure how I feel about the big Four-O. I don’t feel 40. Most the time I still feel like a kid playing house. I still have the desire to jump on couches and not let my feet touch the lava. I still throw temper-tantrums.

Still 40 I will be. I am sad, maybe not sad, just a little down hearted the last 24 hours. Not because I see 40 as having one step in a pine box – far from it – 40 is the new 20. I am a bit down because I will be celebrating this birthday without my friends from CA and TX. If I were with them we would be sharing beverages around the big ball of light and likely grabbing each others boobs (yes we are that fun – you know you want to be my bestie now). For all you under 30 – birthdays get more fun the older – trust me.

SOooooo – my birthday request is that you consider donating to our JDRF walk team in any amount with a ‘4’ in it, $4, $14, $24, $34, $40, etc. honestly I’m not kidding about the $4 – every dollar counts – just think of it as you buying me a latte.

This has been a long likely way boring post and also very likely anti-climatic.

Still here is the link to our walk page. Won’t you wish me a happy birthday?

Team Stick With It Sugar – Beat The Bridge JDRF Walk <<<<<click that.

BTW – since I am away from so many of my besties I’ve decided that my big birthday celebration will be postponed until I turn 42. That year I’ll be in Vegas and hope everyone will join me. After all – 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Act Justly, Live Honorably, Walk Humbly, Love Tenderly

One thought on “More Than Once In 12 Months

  1. So here’s a few things that I’ve learned about being 40 (having just hit that milestone myself):

    1) Our generation at 40 does not equate to our parents’ generation at 40. I realized this as I was driving to work yesterday and Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood” came on the radio and I caught myself enjoying it…perhaps too much. My parents would never have done that. Age defines the generation in which you grew up, not how old you are.

    2) What comes across as adult-themed fun in your 20s and 30s can be downright creepy for someone in their 40s. I’ve realized I need to tame my thoughts a bit (I won’t elaborate) … and that boob-grabbing thing – well – think about how it looks from the outside. (Figuratively, of course. Not literally).

    3) In your 40s, you no longer have to aspire to bigger and better things in life. It’s totally acceptable to aspire to spending the weekend lying on the couch doing nothing. (And if you can achieve that goal, you’ve done what most of humankind – particularly those with kids – cannot.)

    Really, that’s all I got. Hopefully life in Washington will inspire you more than my stupid comment.


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