Thursday Shout-Outs – A Collective

Day 14 Health Activists Writers Month Challenge.

Todays Challenge: Spread the Love – Thank a few of your fellow HEalth Activists for what they have done. Call them out by name or twitter handle. Share your love.

So many people I’d like to thank for all they do to inspire me as a mom of kids with diabetes, as a health activist, as a blogger, as a human. I have ‘met’ many people in the last 16 months in the social media health scene that have made me want to be a better person. Too many to share but I’m gonna try to share just a few.

From my humble beginnings there have been a number of folks that have made being active online a great deal of fun and a wonderful learning experience.

Cherise @Sweetercherise of DSMA – she was my first twitter follower and has stuck by me through all my crazy. Her smile is pure gold – a true window to her soul that is by far the sweetest there is.

Sara @saraknic of Moments of Wonderful – she was also an early follower. Her laughter, joy and sincerity are refreshing in a world that sometimes gets me down.

Tim @bleedingfinger of Bleeding Finger – father to cwd – advocate for all cwd – loving husband and talented writer. His strength is enduring and something to aspire to. Plus – he is a poet and since I can’t write a poem to save my life – I’m impressed.

Scott @scottkjohnson of Scotts Diabetes – if ever there was a more supportive, kind and knowledgable man I have not met him (aside from my loving husband – he never reads my blog but just in case).

Bennet @badshoe of YDMV – another father of multiple kids with diabetes, shares his life experience with those of us still green behind the ears, never fails to derail a DSMA tweetchat with his humor and wit and always happy to offer a hug, a laugh, a smile and if needed a kick in the butt.

Kerri @sixuntilme of Six Until Me – to many of us Kerri is the ‘Be-all End-all” of all things great and grizzly about diabetes. She is the shiznit.

Meri @our3Dlife of Our Diabetic Life – mom of 4 boys (isn’t that enough) 3 with Type 1. This amazing woman shares hopes, dreams, nightmares, and laughter with all of us D-moms. I’m thankful for her.

Ok I’ve only listed the starting line-up and already I hear the Jaws music trying to “play me off”. I’ll just talk louder and faster which you can’t hear so while reading this read louder and faster so you get the full effect.

Perhaps to save time and avoid using the words “amazing, wonderful, and inspiring” enough times to warrant some sort of word-overuse fine (totally exists and likely includes the word ‘totally’) – I shall now just share the names and handles of people you should totally follow on twitter and read their blogs because they do rock. (I totally failed at this last part because I still felt I had something to say. My blog – my rules – deal.)

Matthew @matthewdeets – ๐Ÿ˜ฆ sadly no blog – Matt and I chat most days. Whether my day is good or bad he will always listen, never judge, and in the end turns a frown upside down.

Jennifer @JennMamaBear of Sweetzoo – we share a love of animals – especially frogs – you should totally send Jenn frogs. (ok don’t send Jenn frogs they seriously freak her out – maybe one frog – send her one cute frog meme)

Melissa @sweetlyvoiced of Sweetly Voiced – the voice of an angel and a voice of reason

Brian @notmycell of Not My Cell (beware sarcasm is his first language but I bet he knows latin too)

Scott @scott_IntheD of Rolling In The D – Scott shares all sorts of great fun facts and funnies about living with diabetes on his blog. Scott is also one of my biggest supporters. He rarely fails to share a kind word on my blog and I am so grateful for his support. Comments are like chocolate for my sole.

Ivy @nomadivy – sadly Ivy doesn’t blog – she is a D-mom with a gracious heart.

Melissa @Melllbe – Young adult with Type 1 – so very beautiful through and through

C @theperfectD of The Perfect D – NOT A PORN SITE – also I didn’t include her full name because to my knowledge she doesn’t share it on her site or her tweets. She’s funny and I at some point we will have drinks and she will tell me stories of goats.

Bea @crankypancreas of Cranky Pancreas – she is one of my earliest friends on twitter and honest to the bone – full of love and always supportive to those who hear her

Kate @sweetenedkate – of Sweet Success – so very sweet and always kind and very supportive

I’ve left out another dozen two dozen fabulous souls that inspire, teach, support and advocate. If you are here reading this and I’ve not named you please forgive me. I probably should have gone with the “too many to thank” type post – its safe and fitting.

Truth is it isn’t just the individuals that make social health media what it is ย – it is the collective. Aristotle says “A whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” I should have just shared that quote and been done but I’m wordy and I like to give shout-outs – fittingly so – it is Thursday Shout-Out Day (it will totally be a thing).

Yes this post was due on Sunday – shut-up.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Shout-Outs – A Collective

  1. Aww, thanks! I’m blushing right now. And don’t you worry about being late with writing the post…I am really late with reading them (you said it’s due on a Sunday, and I’m first reading it on Sunday…so all is good, right?).

    I know there’s a joke in here somewhere about diabetes and comments and chocolate, but I just can’t think of it right now.


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