Friggen Poetry

Day 13 Health Activists Writers Month Challenge

Todays Challenge: Write a health acrostic for your condition, hashtag or username.

Oh good gracious. I thought last years Haiku challenge was difficult enough. This year it’s supposed to be an acrostic. Im no poet. I tried coming up with an acrostic for “diabetes”, “momof2t1s” or “#nobratime” (my favorite hashtag – seen mostly on Wednesdays prior to DSMA tweetchats) – I came up with nothing – NOTHING.

Here is the Haiku I wrote last year for this challenge – I’m not joking – go look back in my archives.

Are you Kidding Me?

I always hated Haikus!

Now time to write one?

If I have to write poetry Id prefer it to be free verse:

Beep beep beep, sleep walking, juice, numbers, so many numbers

Sleep, beep beep beep, insulin, must give insulin

Pack lunch, sandwich 30, yogurt 15, carrots – nah no worries

Lancet time to change, spotted finger tips, never the same

Laughter, playing, check your numbers, drink the juice Shelby

She can eat that, she wont grow out of it, insulin’s not a cure

He wasn’t born with it, there is no diabetes in the family, he can eat that

Are you low, have you checked, did you dose – stop

Not always diabetes cept when it is.

2 thoughts on “Friggen Poetry

    1. Thanks. I hate writing poetry. I blame Mr. Elliot form my sophomore year – I read him a poem I wrote and he said it sucked. Never wrote poetry again. He was a jerk.


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