Words That Touch

Day 17 Health Activist Writers Month Challenge – Wordless Wednesday (irony?? – create a ‘word’ cloud – I never know if I get the whole dang irony thing write – Alanis really screwed us all and created so much confusion  – when I think I understand it – I don’t. )

Todays challenge: Create a word cloud. HAWMC suggested using the Wordle site but I couldn’t get it to open on my Mac so I used another site – Tagxedo – (which as you can see offers shapes – sorry no unicorns – I checked.)

word cloudphoto

6 thoughts on “Words That Touch

    1. I couldn’t even get it to open on my Mac – I think I was missing some Java plug in – sadly knowing that just made me want more coffee. Tagxedo was awesome to use.


  1. I didnt care for wordle and saw your link for Tagxedo, much easier to use, thanks for sharing. Love this! The fact that frustration is so front and center seems fitting, Ive never dealt with something as frustrating as diabetes. Ive seen a couple metions of unicorns, what am I missing?


    1. Unicorns – they are the adopted mascot of the DOC – Im fairly certain the movement began with Kerri’s post on Sixuntilme regarding Unicorns and Rainbows – posted while Kerri was pregnant with Birdy in Feb 2010. Basically Diabetes is not all sweet and kind and innocent like unicorns and rainbows. It isn’t as simple as checking a sugar, dosing insulin and moving on. The Shits complicated.


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