Diabetes Is A Gremlin

Day 8 for Health Activist Writers Month Challenge asked writers to talk about what animal their health condition was. I wrote about a monster under the bed. After writing my post I asked my daughter what animal she would have chosen. She decided she wanted to write her own post about it. So without further ado here is my daughters first guest post on my blog. The post is entirely hers – despite what you might think after reading her opening line.ย 

Diabetes Is A Gremlin – By Sweetstuff

The other day my amazing, wonderful, awesome and very supportive mom asked me “if diabetes was an animal, which animal would it be you think?”. That made me think of all that diabetes was. Well sometimes diabetes can be nice and sweet, maybe a bunny. Sometimes I try to hide from diabetes, like a mouse in a hole. At other times diabetes can be loud, fearsome, and painful like a tiger (or my cat at times – sheโ€™s fierce). And then there are those scary times when diabetes just sneaks up and me and pulls me down under, like a great white shark. That’s when I realized, diabetes is a gremlin.

A couple of months ago my dad, brothers and I were all watching the movie Gremlins. Magwai are adorable and fun creatures that just want to have fun, it’s when their owner doesn’t take care of them properly that they become unruly and dangerous monsters called Gremlins. Think about it? Not much different from diabetes; diabetes can play nice too. Diabetes becomes a monster when you don’t take care of it properly, like when you feed it after midnight. (disclaimer – not suggesting you avoid eating fast carbs if you are low after midnight – you should totally do that.)


So now that I know what diabetes really is, it makes me think about choices I sometimes make. Like eating without checking my sugar, it’s just like feeding my Magwai after midnight. I don’t want my Magwai to become an unruly monster. I don’t want to hide like a mouse anymore either. Now that I know I can control when diabetes becomes the gremlin (well maybe not always – gremlins and diabetes are equally sneaky), I can do my best to keep it the sweet Magwai. Even though caring for a Magwai can be a real pain in the tush itโ€™s still easier than chasing down a Gremlin in the mall.

12 thoughts on “Diabetes Is A Gremlin

  1. I LOVE this analogy, I’ll have to get my son to watch this movie with me (definitely not an excuse for me to watch it again! ๐Ÿ˜‰ and see if he thinks it fits! Thank you for the awesome post!!


    1. She chose well. I find the movie very nostalgic at this point. I had a stuffed Magwai as a kid. Something to giggle at now rather than fear – not that I giggle at D too often (although there are the times we do) – not so scary now.


    1. Her animal choice was spot on for sure but what I loved most about her post (aside form all the loving words she had for me) was that she recognizes that taking care of diabetes is a way to avoid the gremlin. She is growing up too fast but at least I know she understands. I will tell her you liked it.


  2. The perfect animal choice! I love it! My son with T1 is too young to watch Gremlins (he’s only 4) but I’m going to make sure he watches it when he’s old enough to not be scared out of his gord! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I admit I was a bit jealous that her animal was better than mine. Ok more proud than jealous but she upstaged me on my own blog. I hope she does it again and again.


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