The Little Engine That Could

I’m new to Tudiabetes so I am still getting my feet wet and figuring out all the awesomeness of the organization. @diabeteshf shared the following challenge via twitter and I am never one to let a challenge go. Thus challenge accepted.

July Blog Topic: Little Engine That Could

Let’s think positively!

Write a post with 5-10 lines where each line begins with “I think I can…” in regard to your diabetes. 

  • I think I can help my kids remember to check their sugars during the crazy summer schedule – lack of schedule.
  • I think I can always say “good morning” “Hello” “How are you?” before I ask my kids what their sugars are.
  • I think I can remember to help my kids log their sugars. (seeing the numbers written down on a log always results in better control)
  • I think I can restrict a little more of my kids “lazy couch” time and encourage more active time (physical activity helps control sugars and increases the effectiveness of insulin)
  • I think I can let go of just a little more guilt that it is my kids and not me that have diabetes.
  • I think I can say thank you more often to all those individuals and organizations that have changed my life because of their involvement in the Diabetes Online Community.
  • I think I can always advocate more.

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