First let me just say I am still fairly new to the Diabetes Online Community. Over the previous 5 years I peaked in to various forums, blogs, websites etc. However, I never jumped in (well a little in the Children With Diabetes Forums) – I never felt that I had much to add – and who would want to hear it? Then I realized at least for me – it isn’t about who might be listening/reading – for me sharing became a way of maintaining sanity and making friends (although they might all be laughing at me over their keyboards – ignorance is bliss).

It wasn’t terribly hard to find a place in the DOC – but I am still learning too. If it weren’t for Kerri’s mention of the DSMA (Diabetes Social Media Advocacy) chat in her blog Sixunitlme  I think I would have ignored the DOC for much longer or not had a clue how to get in on the fun.

I have an image on my home page this image:

I have other awesome images  too and they all link to great sites including the DSMA and I hope to add more. The thing is the image above isn’t a link and I want it to be – maybe not this exact image (I copied it from another awesome blog because it spoke to me).

Id like the image to link to a page that helps others find the awesome websites and blogs that help connect people. It isn’t that I want it to compete with organizations like the Diabetes Hands Foundation whose goal it is TO connect people. Id like to see a page that directs people to those organizations easier. DSMA has links to those organizations and I believe between twitter and DSMA that is how I found Tudiabetes a part of Diabetes Hands Foundation.

I started my true journey into the DOC back in January of this year but I think I would have started earlier if there was a “How To” place to begin. Maybe this exists and I just haven’t found it – if so please share it and I will add it to my home page and share it often so newly diagnosed pwd or parents of newly diagnosed cwd can find the joy, laughter, knowledge, sanity, friendship, and support that I have found a little easier than I found it.


6 thoughts on “DOC

  1. I’m so glad you found the DOC ( & that I did ). I’ll be reading and enjoying your blog! So glad you ‘stuck with it sugar’


    1. Its so great that you are here – its funny cus once we are IN it – it all seems so easy. It was finding the path that was the hard part – after we are here there are so many wonderful DOCers that welcome us it doesn’t take long to find all the cool kids. Special shout out to #DSMA at this point AGIAN.


  2. Your story reads like mine. I’m glad we both found the DOC! By the way, do you know where that DOC image came from? I want to put it on my blog too.


    1. Hi Kate – not to be blasphemous but to me finding the DOC was like finding the Holy Grail. Just say’n. As far as the image – I visit so very many blogs and I have seen it on many – basically I right clicked on it, then clicked save image to desktop then loaded it in my media file. I think you can do the same from my blog. If I find the original source I will certainly share it. Someone surely deserves credit for such a great logo. Thanks for reading and commenting – I get all kinds of warm fuzzies when people take time to say hi and share a thought. Cheers friend.


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