Goodbye Pink

Leaving a community, city, state that I have been apart of for nearly 13 years has been had to think about. Thus I have not thought about it. Sure I put my house together, listed it with an agent, accepted an offer, scheduled movers, and are making the small repairs the inspection identified. However I have done all of this and continue to do all this on auto pilot.

If I think too much about what I am leaving behind I become overwhelmed and begin ransacking the house for some form of chocolate. Even when friends or family ask me how everything is going I answer the questions as if I was an automated phone menu – “For Questions about our offer press 1, For questions about the pending house in Cali press 2, For questions about moving household goods press 3, For my feelings – operator is unavailable.”

The week before last I had to say Goodbye to a good friend. He has been a trusted alli the last three years while I volunteered with the JDRF Kids Walk To Cure Diabetes. He has helped to educate elementary school students in countless schools and always loved it when the kids would sing his theme song when I introduced him. He is back with the people who shared him with me and I’m sure his days of presentations is not over. I hope my days are not over either – I hope the San Francisco JDRF chapter has a Kids Walk program and they will find a place within it for me. Presenting Kids Walk has been a real treat for me these last few years. Goodbye Pink and thank you JDRF Austin for allowing me to be part of a future cure for diabetes.

Saying goodbye to Pink and the JDRF office was hard and resulted in a teary drive home. Saying goodbye to friends that have been with me for over a decade will be worse. This Friday one of my BFFs is helping me host my last BUNCO party in Texas. It will be at my house as usual but I couldn’t bring myself to send out the Evite so she agreed to do it for me. She didn’t copy me on it. It was too much for me to think about – seeing the RSVPs come in would cause a chocolate shortage in my area. My BUNCO (dice game that requires no skill – thus can be played while consuming adult beverages) parties have always been themed – I normally would host about 4 a year and invite just about anyone – the more the merrier – plus more cash in the pot. This party is Themed too “If You’re Going To San Francisco” – Not sure if my friends will show up with flowers in their hair or as a transgender. Either way is good. The guest list is a bit more exclusive – just 30 or so of my closest friends. The ones I have known and loved for years. I am gonna be a wreck – although it will likely be the one of the few times since hubby left to work in CA that I’ll put on make-up and do something other than toss my hair in a clip.



10 thoughts on “Goodbye Pink

  1. If I lived a wee bit closer, I would totally crash your bunco party.

    P.S. I wanna be on your blogroll. Pretty please?

    P.P.S. I owe you an email. I’m a slacker.


    1. You should be on my blogroll – I will check. It would be silly for you not to be there since you are on my favorites when I turn on safari. Come on down for BUNCO – just bring your solar flare suit it is like we are on the surface of sun here in Austin – 114 degrees on heat index. I am so gonna love northern cali weather.


      1. We’re not too far behind you guys here in dfw… I think I saw 109. On the news. I am so jealous of you right now I could barf.

        Maybe it’s just the morning sickness…


      2. Im just sad we haven’t been able to meet before I move and that the girls will be in different sessions at TLC. Feel free to come down this weekend with your dd for my BUNCO – There is another mom and daughter spending the night but we would find room. I love D meet – ups – you could bring Shannon too!


      3. I’m in DFW, too, Joanne. We should start our own Bunco group! I subbed for one many many years ago .. and have wanted to get into one again. I’m sure it won’t be as fun as the San Fran one coming up down south, though! Post pics, Christina! 😀


      4. You should start a BUNCO group – Ill show you how when you come down on Friday!
        seriously – I don’t use subs – I don’t play by the rules. I invite 40 of my closest friends and if we don’t have a number evenly divided by 4 we play with ghosts. We also added a category “boobies” which is 1,1,1 – nothing better than crazy (adult beveraged – yes it is a word) woman yelling out BOOBIES! Don’t worry Shan there will likely be a blog post with lots of pictures – Best Betes Blog will have to start a new category “best supporters of a type awesome” to recognize all my awesome friends that like me despite knowing me.


      5. Where in DFW Shannon? We actually have a Bunco group here in our neighbourhood, but I don’t think the ‘hood matriarch likes me very much and thus I have never been invited though I fall into every bunco demographic there is.

        And Christina, I would love, love, LOVE to come down to Austin, I just wouldn’t be very much fun due my the fact that I throw up a lot and most food smells contribute to that.

        Don’t I sound like a tonne of laughs? When does the first trimester end again???


      6. You two need to start your own BUNCO – and make it a Diabetes Meet-up bunco. Make it a quarterly event. Sorry that you are having a rough go of it with the first trimester. Hopefully the 2nd and 3rd will be smooth sailing. I tried attending our neighborhood BUNCO but they played by the rules and they were all too cookie cutter for me (PTA, Junior League, all former cheerleader types) Im too “Alice” for that – This world is too conventional so I made up my own.
        Disclaimer – I mean no disrespect to those in the PTA (I am a card carrying member myself) or the junior League (y’all are awesome volunteering at D camp) and as far as the cheerleader types – well I think mostly Ive always been jealous that I have never been able to do the splits or a cartwheel.


  2. I live in Northern Cali, half way between San Fran and Tahoe in the foothills. If you need help or just to chat about Cali and San Fran don’t hesitate to email. I would be happy to support events or lectures you may have in the future after getting acclimated to our area. All the best in your moving adventures and travel safe. California is a great place to live 🙂 Teri


    1. ROFLMBO – lectures?? It is my dream to be invited to speak at diabetes events and conferences but not a reality yet. I have loved public speaking since I was in high school and it has been on my to do list since. I had three things on my things to accomplish in life list: be a teacher – check, Serve in United States Air Force – check, Become a motivational speaker – (not there yet unless you count the volunteer work I do for JDRF Kids Walk – not sure that counts since it is in front of kids between 5 and 11 and they are much more forgiving).
      I will be sure to connect with you prior to and after the move so we can meet up. I truly can’t wait to meet you. Moving is scary, sad, and causing several shades of crazy but I am looking forward to the new adventure (although right now I am looking forward to the weather – it is 114 here in Austin today!)


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