Side Tracked

Has it Really been a week?

Today is wordless wednesday and I was all set to simply post pictures that would give some indication of why I haven’t posted in over a week.

 Above: Some of middles stuff moved into my room while his is being painted – the other half of his belongings are in my master bathroom. Below: Sweetstuff’s belongings now littering the game room while her room is painted. Middles room only took me about an hour to clean out – he is a minimalist. Sweetstuff’s room took me over 7 hours. She is a packrat (possible candidate for the show Hoarders). The picture only shows a portion of her belongings. I did not ask her to help me – that way she didn’t see the two full trash bags I removed from her room.

On April 23rd my dear husband was offered a job in the San Francisco area. He of course took it – it is a dream job for him and allows him to return home to CA (He grew up in LA and still has family there). He began his new job on April 30th – leaving me and the kiddos here in TX to prepare our current home for the market. We have only been in this home for 7.5 years – how a family of 5 can accumulate so much crud in 7 years is beyond me. Thus I am sorting every single closet, drawer, shelf, etc to clear our the clutter. After all – when people are home shopping they want to walk into homes that look like model homes (note from other posts my complete lack of organization skills, and the infrequency in which I clean a bathroom let alone dust).

I have 2 more weeks to get my 3600sqft home ready for the market. Enter lawn care people, painters, fix-it people, and lots of boxes. I prefer to be a do-it-yourself kinda gal. I prepared our old home 100% by myself while 9 months pregnant. It sold in 2 weeks and it did look like a model home when I was done with it. I am not that young, strong, or motivated this time around. Thus I have chosen to hire local laborers to come do the work for me but it doesn’t include the decluttering (spell check says that’s not a word but I disagree).

Amidst the decluttering, packing, organizing, painting (I am doing touch up stuff), phone calls to everyone under the sun, appointments with realtors, painters, window repair guy, movers, etc – life still happens. Blood sugars go high and low – kids need to be fed, homework needs to be done, and time still should and is being spent reading and playing with the kids – note that I didn’t say I was cooking – just feeding my kids. This week I also have to help Amber with various projects for school as well as finish her Alice in Wonderland costume for her choir concert.

Also during this past weekend Sweetstuff attended her first 2 night campout with her girl scout troop – without me. Now don’t start congratulating me to quickly for allowing her D freedom – the troop leader and close friend of mine is also a D mamma. I knew Sweetstuff was in good hands. That did not mean that D played nicely. In fact Sweetstuff pulled 3 sites and 1 site failed (infusion sites are used with insulin pumps and attach a tube to the body for insulin to pass through – no site = no insulin). Her numbers were all over the dang place from 596 to 42. I don’t blame failed/lost sites for all her numbers – on top of all the D issues there was D R A M A!!!! I don’t see how – why would thirteen 12 year old girls get caught up in drama??? (sarcasm is my first language fro those that don’t know me all that well yet). The girl drama likely contributed to the elevated (who am I kidding – higher than all hell) blood sugars.
She did well though – did everything exactly as I would have done it (note I did not say exactly the right way). The numbers were flukes or charged emotionally and she could not control those issues. All in all she had a fantastic time – which makes me happy since it was her last camping trip with this troop due to the stinking move.

I am going through serious DOC (diabetes online community) withdrawal, as well as blog withdrawal (mine and so many others), and I very tired.
Still I am not whining – I recognize that what I am dealing with many others would trade places with me in a heart beat. Friends who have cancer, friends husbands who have cancer, homes lost in acts of god, and the list goes on. It is easy sometimes to get caught up in desires or needs of our own that are not being met and forget that there are others who have it so much worse than we do.
I pray for those people nightly and sometimes while brushing my teeth in the morning, or while I wash dishes, or while I sit here and type out this long winded babbaly (again not a real word but I like it) post I have said prayers for my friends both real and cyber buddies (not to suggest cyber buddies are not real people).

I feel better that I have posted – even if it didn’t include anything profound.
Falling asleep – head fell forward and nearly hit the keyboard – must sleep now.


One thought on “Side Tracked

  1. Holy shnikies! I’m tired just from reading about everything! Amazing how the Mom Super-Powers kick in and you can get an entire house packed and organized…yet dusting can be your Kryptoite. Good luck on a quick sell!


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