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30 Days 30 Posts 3 days Late

Day 30 Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge

My last prompt was intended for May 1st but with all that has been happening in the last 2 weeks I fell behind. Catching up today with a final HAWMC post before a new challenge begins – looking forward to  Diabetes Blog Week

The prompt for May 1st was: Recap HAWMC. You did it! 30 posts in 30 days. Which was your favorite prompt? Which was the most difficult? Which ideas will you reuse? Who was your favorite fellow blogger?

First off – I loved that as a virgin blogger I took this opportunity to participate in the challenge. The prompts kept me focused and on task (mostly). I wrote posts that I might not have considered writing had I been going it alone during the 3 months of being a blog author.

My favorite prompt(s) – I have a hard time choosing one item over another – that’s why I take multiple friends with me when I go eat sushi.

  • Health Time Capsule – I loved this one because it encouraged me to think about what is important in my health and the health of my children. Health Time Capsule
  • Why I write – It made me really think about why blogging has been so important for me and thankful I finally got started – Why I write
  • Ekphrasis Post – well first off I learned a new word and I do love words. Second I got to discover flickr and what a neat site it is. Third – things just fit that day. Airplanes Elephants and Merry-Go-Rounds
  • 5 Dinner Guests – I loved this post because it happened and while writing it I got to relive that wonderful evening of love & laughter Dining with diabetes- served with a side of friends
  • Miracle Cure – this wasn’t so much a favorite prompt – more of a favorite post. I had thought about conjuring up some magic fairy farts to create a cure but in the end I recognized that there is no miracle cure – just hard working people. Exposed
  • My Happy Place – This was by far my most favorite prompt – it was from a list of early bird prompts that I received for registering early. I used it on a free choice day. I love my happy place not only because it makes me happy – because it takes away everything that isn’t happy. Ocean of tears
What prompt was most difficult?
My Dream Day – I hated this prompt. It made me realize I do have a little ‘selfish’ in me. I’m not sharing the link – you will have to look for it if you want to read it.
Which ideas will you reuse?
I liked contemplating the 5 challenges and 5 small victories – it was good to take inventory.
Favorite fellow bloggers? See above regarding favorite prompts.
Choosing a single prompt or post was too hard for me so choosing a favorite blogger would be impossible. Every blog I read was important enough for another blogger to write. Sure some are more entertaining, some are more honest, some are more educational – but I couldn’t tell you which blogger(s) are my favorites. I’m just grateful there are others who share.

3 thoughts on “Last HAWMC Post

  1. Great job and most imporantly CONGRATULATIONS. On finishing the 30 days (you did better than I did – I didn’t make it) and for your upcoming move. You’ll take that city by storm!!


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