Tag Line

Stick With it Sugar…..

Day 26th of Health Activists Wrtiter’s Month Challege

Today’s prompt: Health Tagline. Give yourself, your blog, your condition, or some aspect of your health a tagline. Make sure it’s catchy!

I have been looking forward to today’s post (not just because it falls on my birthday). I love tag lines. I think they say a great deal about the person attached to them. Although I know a few people who have a tag line as part of their email signature and they do NOT live up to it. I guess that is a good point – a tag line could set up expectations that others will have for you.

I only actually wrote the beginning of my tag line and I did so not realizing I was going to use it as a tag line. I originally shared it with a DOC friend Kelly Rawlings as encouragement. Since then I have used it a number of times a week with other pwd or parents of cwd as well as with my own kiddos.

The second part of my tagline is something I saw on Pinterest forever ago. I have used it in my post about my favorite quotes and it is a picture on my home page.  (despite best efforts I can not determine who said it first to properly credit the writer – if you can figure it out please share so I can thank that individual). I use it all the time as well – especially when mentoring families with a newly diagnosed child. When my Sugarboy was diagnosed a number of well meaning people would told me things would get easier. They were wrong – things didn’t get easier. I don’t want to sugar coat (ha that pun was truly not intentional) this madness for any parent or newly diagnosed person. For a long time while things were not getting easier I thought I was weaker than others, not as smart as others, not as good as others – then I realized I was stronger, smarter and sometimes better than I thought I was.

It’s my birthday and I want to take a nap so I will hurry this a long and share my official new tag line.

Stick with it sugar.
Things never get easier, you just get better.

On a separate note –  Matthew Deets of the DOC shared this gem during a DSMA chat on twitter a couple weeks ago. I told him I was gonna share it and that he should use it as his tagline. It makes me giggle. The DOC has become an important part of my life sanity and I appreciate all the support the Dfabulous share with me and so many others.

“By my love of bacon, cupcakes, unicorns and all things blue” @matthewdeets on Twitter


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