Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

Day 22 Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge

Today’s prompt: Visit and make your own version of a short memo reminder. Where would you post it?
I went to the site but didn’t see anywhere to create my own post-its, although it looks like a neat blog. I wrote my own sticky notes. By the way – I had a heck of time finding yellow post-its in my house. I found green, pink, purple, blue, floral, cartoon, and various freebies given out by vendors but NO yellow. If you havn’t met me yet or havn’t figured out from past posts I am a rule follower and so I had to use yellow stickies. Luckily I found them in a (notice I didn’t say the – I have multiple) junk drawer. I really should write one that says “organize” for each area I need to organize, unfortunatly it was only a half of a pad of post-its so I fear there wouldn’t be enough to put on all the less than organized areas in my house and life.  

I admit it I am an emotional eater. When I am sad, angry, happy, excited, nervous, stressed, tired, etc. I turn to food. Sometimes the food is healthy like an apple or yogurt but more often it is not so healthy – peanut butter cups (yes I do keep them in the fridge – better cold), pudding and salsa and chips. I raid the pantry too but the fridge picture made more sense – otherwise it would just be a picture of cabinet doors and thus not be as effective.
This note is on the window sill above my kitchen sink. In addition to eating when I am emotional I also clean (a healthy choice but not as tasty). I have shed many tears over a sink full of suds. Sometimes I forget to breath – this is a helpful reminder.
Facebook is fun but dangerous. I share lots of pictures of my kids achievements as well as my own. I share funny stories, links to great blogs or articles, and keep my friends informed about what I ate for breakfast. The thing about FB is that it is easy to pick and choose the information you share – I don’t share all the arguements I have with my kids or family, the A1C results that were less than bragable, how tired I am, how sad I sometimes get, how frustrated I get with life in general. I am fairly certain I am not alone in that (aside from some folks that seem to only share unfortunate news – sad for them even though I also hide them – I know I suck). If only everyone’s lives were as perfect as they seem on Facebook.
I don’t watch much TV but I do DVR a few shows to keep me occupied on nights when my kids blood sugars are behaving badly. One of those shows is “Cougar Town” – honestly I don’t even know what the characters do for work aside from Greyson who owns a bar but rarely seems to be working. It is like when “Friends” was on – I mean they all sat around at a coffee shop or in Monica’s apartment (funny Courtney Cox is represented twice – love her). In the real world people have jobs, kids fight, traffic sucks, everything costs money and most grown ups don’t get a constant stream of play dates.
Doesn’t need explanation – don’t neglect your gums.
I’ve mentioned this one before during my favorite quotes post. The first thing I do is make coffee each moring – before waking my kids up. I’m NOT a morning person but since listening to Mike Lawson on Blog Talk Radio and reading his blog I have been much better at being a morning person. Although I do admit I have to put effort into choosing powerful vs. pitiful for the first hour of my day.
My elliptical – no other explanation necessary.
Regardless if it is me that steps on the scale or others – the numbers displayed are not an indication of how good or bad a person is. (The writing is small but it says “Not an indication of how good a person you are”)

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