Madlibs Make No Sense

Day 21 Health Activist Writers Month Challenge

Today’s prompt: Health Madlib Poem. Go to: and fill in the parts of speech and the   site will generate a poem for you. Feel free to post the Madlib or edit it to   make it better.

I admit I did edit it a bit since some just didn’t make any sence at all – clearly I didn’t edit all of it. Still I’m thinking the Madlib creation site can write a better poem than I could without it.

Frankly I have never smiled, or been happy about
any glucometer, carbohydrate counting is never loving:
when I’m most tired, friends are those who push me,
and who I cannot ignore because they are too kind.

Your happy look gladly will unstick me
though I have cwd myself as family,
you high five me and always help me home, the DOC conspires
nearly absently more than Facebook could

And your Blogs teach me, I will
will check very often, beneficially,
even when the test strips of this glucometer laugh
the insulin pump cheerfully obliges;

Nothing which we are to love in this adventure is more than
the anxious unicorn: whose magic support
runs after me with the syringe to cover the banana,
crying over cupcakes and peanut butter cups with each hug

I do not jump for joy so what it is about you that makes you fly?
Hope; something in me believes
laughter and love feed the hopeful in all DOC
Rainbows, without tears cannot erase the hope for a cure

(The anxious Unicorn chasing me with a syringe cracks me up)

– Christina & e.e. cummings

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