Who’s on First

Who’s On First….

Hmmm if today was the HAWMC Day 8 post “Best Conversation….” I would have had something to write about other than the crazies in my head. Although it would have not been the ‘best’ conversation, it would have been the most annoying.

Had a mommy fail this weekend. Noticed we were down to out last full canister of test strips on Friday night. That means 25 test strips for 2 kids over the Easter Holiday in which the pharmacy was closed – 25 test strips for 40ish hours for 2 kids should be enough under normal circumstances. BUT it was Easter and the Easter Bunny recognizes that cwd can eat everything that children without diabetes can eat (not that they should – just that they can).
Each of my kids with diabetes uses about 10 test strips in a 24 hour period. With Easter and all the extra snacking I knew we would go through extras. I managed to scrounge up another 15 strips from spare meter cases. All was good and we managed to test all the times needed. Today I went to pick up test strips form our local pharmacy.

Me: Hi – pick up for Ghosn
Clerk: Ok we are just finishing it up.
Me: Awesome thanks.
Clerk: We do not have enough strips to fill your order until Thursday so here are 50 to tied you over.
(50 strips would normally be good for 1 person for about 5 days – but I am picking up strips for 2 people)
Me: Sorry that won’t do. I am basically out of test strips and 50 is not enough for 2 kids for 3 days.
Clerk: But it is enough for 1 person, your insurance only allows for 10 checks a day.
Me: Right but I have 2 kids with type 1 and 50 might be cutting it close.
Clerk: well this prescription is only for 1 child.
Me:Yes I know but my kids share test strips since they use the same kind.
Clerk: Well you should call in a prescription for your other child then.
Me: Due to the extreme cost of getting 600 test strips at once I get 300 test strips 2x a month to avoid the huge copay at one time.
Clerk:Well right now I can only give you loaners for one child which should be used by that child.
Me: So you are suggesting putting my other child at risk? (yes a bit snarky)
Clerk: No you should call in her prescription and we will then loan you another 50.
Me: I can’t do that since I just filled her prescription 2 weeks ago.
Clerk: Then you should have a half months worth of test strips left.
Me: No, because the kids share test strips.
Clerk: Each prescription is intended for the patient it is prescribed to.
Me: You’re new so I have been patient but now I am afraid I will need you to get the pharmacist.
Pharmacist: Hi Ms. Ghosn, How are you?
Me: Good – hey can I get 100 test strips on loan until the rest of the order can be filled. I’m out and need them to last till Thursday for both kids.
Pharmacist: Sure thing
Clerk: (about to ring me up) I see you were able to get 100 now
Me: Yes, the pharmacist understood.
Clerk: You don’t have to explain yourself to me

Wish I had also been picking up a prescription for Xanax.

3 thoughts on “Who’s on First

  1. I am glad that the pharmacist was there to help you out! I hate when the people who should have the most compassion are so hard headed!


  2. Some people just don’t get it in the human sense. Yes, the tech was following those rules set into place…. But sheesh, really… A mother is trying to do the right thing should not be given grief! In the very least they should have just said, ” let me check with the pharmacist.”. The battle is only to be fought there.. Glad that the pharmacist really saw the need, the reasonable justification for why you are doing it the way you are doing. You take such wonderful care of your children. You are blessed.


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