Keep Calm

Keep Calm……..

Day 9 Health Activists Writers Month Challenge
Create your own Keep Calm and Carry On Poster
I am working ahead a bit tonight. Tomorrow may prove to be a busy day.
I am the dork that has magnets, car decals and t-shirts that all say:
Keep Calm and Carry On
This year for teacher appreciation I wanted to make the teachers all shirts that say:
Keep Calm and Teach On
Made Sweetness a bumper sticker for her electric scooter that said:
Keep Calm and Ride MOD
Made myself a sticker that said:
Keep Calm and Expecto Patronum
(I love Harry Potter)
Thus this prompt received a star (see yesterdays post for explanation if it isn’t obvious).
My poster(s) for Day 9 challenge:
FYI – The DOC is the Diabetes Online Community on Twitter.
It is a place where I find laughter, knowledge, virtual hugs, kindness, support, and unicorns.

Yes both are blue & gray (or is it gray – I never understood)

Blue = World Diabetes Day and Blue Fridays
Grey = Diabetes Awareness Ribbon (who decided that – I don’t like it)
Wish I could have changed the image at the top –
tried to put a cure ribbon there but it wouldn’t let me.

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