Who Said It Best

Too Many too choose from…

Day 2 of the Health Activists Writer’s Month Challenge

Who said it best? Today, focus on something you’ve heard, read, or even said as the basis for your post. Choose a quote that inspires you – positively or negatively – and gets you thinking.

I love quotes – I have so many favorites and they all inspire me in various ways.
Here are a few of my favorites and why (not listed in any particular order).
·       “Today you can choose to be pitiful or powerful” Mike Lawson http://whatsomewouldcalllies.com/
I first learned of Mike and his amazing attitude and all round greatness back in February during a Live Talk Radio put on by #DSMA on twitter. The quote was one of Mike’s Monday Mantras. It touched me greatly because I am not a morning person and if my night was exceptionally bad I am a bit grouchy to my dear hubby (especially if he dings the side of his coffee cup with the spoon – that really gets under my skin). I’m usually all good after a cup or two of coffee but my poor attitude in the morning can set a bad tone for the day for my entire family.
Remembering that quote – even put it on dry erase board for a while helps me to have a positive attitude more so than the “choose happiness” type of quotes. Who can choose happiness – happiness is a feeling that is the result of actions. Thus acting powerful provides me happiness, not just in the morning but throughout each day. The quote has made it into my sweetness’s lunch on more than one occasion and has empowered her as well.
·      “Life is not about holding a good hand, it’s about playing a poor hand well.” Robert Louis Stevenson
Everyone has something. Two of my kids have diabetes. My mom has MS. My sister has IBS (she will love that I posted that). Friends have cancer or relatives with cancer. Friends have children with Autism, Down Syndrom, Hemophilia, etc. Everyone has something. In some way or another we all have some bad cards. Any good card player knows it isn’t about always getting dealt a good hand – it is all about how you play the cards. Diabetes sucks but I do all I can to play it well. I keep learning, educating, and advocating because folding is not an option.
·       “Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults” & “The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday.” Baz Luhrmann
I love Baz’s song “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ7AzBIJoI
I have a hard time accepting compliments (years of insecurity and allowing others to define me did a real number on me). Reminding myself to say “thank you” when someone says something nice to me allows me to chip away at the mountain of insecurities I have.
In regards to the “troubles” – I was a worrier. Wasted years of my life worrying that I would get it wrong, screw up, trip, make others angry, disappoint, etc. Then at 10am on Feb 7, 2007 I learned that my tiny two year old had diabetes and it would never go away and I would hold his life in my hands every day. I don’t worry so much anymore if my clothes are right, if my house is clean enough, if I won’t be liked. Those are such tiny matters compared to what could really change my life or the lives of those I love. Worrying gets me no where quick.
My current most favorite quote.
·       “It never gets easier, you get better”
I have no idea who first said it. I found it on Pinterest and Google searches didn’t provide any usable information.
When Sugar Boy was diagnosed with Type 1 people would tell me “It gets easier.” They were right eventually counting carbohydrates, dosing insulin, checking blood sugars, getting up at night – it all got easier. But really it didn’t – it is still a pain in the butt. I still get things wrong. So why does it sometimes seem easier – because I got better. Now when I meet parents with a newly diagnosed child I try not to tell them simply – “it gets easier” – I tell them the truth – “it won’t get easier but you will get better.” I wish someone had told it to me straight when sugarboy was diagnosed.
So that’s it – well only because I was only supposed to write for 15 minutes and I have to get ready for work. I can’t wait to read all the other HAWMC posts.

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