Blast From The Past

Participating in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge
April 1st
Health Time Capsule. Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you & your health focus that won’t be opened until 2112. What’s in it? What would people think of it when they found it?
I have struggled with this first post (doesn’t make me confident about the next 29 days).
I am not the healthiest person I could be. I don’t exercise regularly (actually haven’t done so in a year – don’t judge).
I don’t eat the best foods all the time although I attempt to avoid some of the worst (Reese’s Cups don’t count cus if you eat them when your stressed the stress counter acts the fat and sugar – if you buy that I know a guy with a bridge for sale.)
I don’t get enough sleep (not entirely my fault since many nights it is my job as a pancreas for two kids that keeps me up – HOWEVER – some nights it is a good book or a good blog that keeps me up).
So now that I have covered the things I fail at let me share what I succeed at and how I would incorporate them into a time capsule.
·       Laughter – I love laughing and even more so I love making others laugh (either at me or with me doesn’t matter). I would include my favorite funnies- either ones I have written or copied (without prior approval – won’t matter about copyright I’ll be dead what can they do?)
·       Books – I would include a list of my most favorite books. I love reading more than anything else (even Reese’s). Reading (maybe combined with working, 3 kids, doing the job of 2 pancreases, and my complete lack of organization) is why my house is often cluttered, dishes aren’t done each night, and my idea of cleaning a toilet is applying the toilet bowl cleaner and closing the lid. “Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.” Henry David Thoreau (I did give credit there since clearly I am still living).

·       Water – I love water. I am not picky either, aside from avoiding the water while traveling abroad (I’ve only been to Cancun once – that is the extent of my travels outside the US but I wanted for just a second to sound well traveled.) I don’t need bottled water; in fact I don’t approve of it since it wastes plastic and pollutes the environment during production and as a waste. I don’t judge others for enjoying it though. I can drink tap water with or without ice but please please please don’t put a slice of lemon in my water – cucumbers or limes are ok. I feel better the more water I drink and eat less food if I drink 8oz before I eat a meal. (As far as how I would include water in the capsule while avoiding disposable bottles – I have lots of stainless steel ones – someone would be thinking about that).
·       My college degrees – I don’t currently work fulltime so I don’t feel like I am utilizing my degrees but getting them was a blast and some of the best times in my life and not just for drinking games and toga parties (never actually been to one) or attending class in my pjs (have done that). Learning is what makes me happy in addition to Reese’s and books. Learning is the best way to improve our future and the future of others with the implementation of our learning’s. (see how well I’ve been edumacated – the sentences just flow wonderfully)
·       Music – With the exception of Jazz really hard core rap and some country music I love it all. Music makes me dance (that’s exercise right?), makes me happy, calms me, and helps me stay on task when cleaning (that makes my hubby happy and a happy hubby makes for less stress).
·       Friends – pictures of them of course. All those that accept me despite knowing me. I have been (or felt) alone at times in my life during childhood and adulthood and that is the worst feeling. Having supportive friends (those that I see in person or only know as an avatar online) has been the single most important thing in regards to my health.
·       BUT Let’s not forget the Elephant – Insulin
I make my own (insert guilt here) but 2 of my kids don’t. They need insulin as much as they need air. Hopefully in 2112 no one will have a clue what the heck the little glass vial of clear life saving liquid was for. (It would be great to see some advanced version of us standing around completely stumped about that little glass vial). While Insulin keeps my kids alive and healthy and I am very grateful for it – it is NOT a cure. It won’t be a cure when used in artificial pancreases either although I will be thankful for those when they are available as well.
So that’s it. At least that is all I can think of currently. I don’t know exactly what people would think about my items – I try never to pretend to know what others will think about anything at any given time.

One thought on “Blast From The Past

  1. Great start to HAWMC! I thought of all of my PWD and PoCWD friends today when I looked at a new Canadian $100 bill sporting a bottle of insulin. And while I hope that very, very soon we’re able to smash all the bottles to pieces . . . I’m so happy it’s here keeping my friends, and my friends kids, and my friends friends, and so on, alive and healthy.And dance is TOTALLY exercise. It’s my favourite kind. Even though I just look like I’m flailing around ;). So, let us split my love for physical activity and your love for water [I am so bad for that one], and we will be set to go down some Reese’s :].Thanks for sharing!


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