Key to Happiness

Seriously now I am four days behind.

I’m writing for Day 2 of the Health Activists Writer’s Month Challenge (even though in the comments for day 1 Stephen said I could have a pass since he counted my first post as two. Thanks Stephen.)

Day 2 prompt

“What do you think is the key to happiness? Is it being able to overcome a hard time? Laughter? Maintaining a positive attitude? Tell us what you think and why”

First I want to share a FB status I wrote a bit ago:

“I’m really tired of hearing “happiness is a choice”.
Kindness is a choice. Smiling at others despite sadness is a choice. True happiness is not a choice. A person with depression wants nothing more than to be happy. The worst thing a person could say to someone who isn’t ‘happy’ is ‘happiness is a choice’ which implies the person who is ‘unhappy’ is choosing to be unhappy.
Much love to my friends who could use a hug right now. Hang in there. You’re important.”

So what do I believe is the key to happiness? Wish I knew. Wish there was one answer that would fit everyday.

When I was in the court-house waiting to be selected or dismissed for jury duty I met a man.

He was 96 years old. He was tall and fit looking. He had a bit of a scruff, like he hadn’t shaved in a day or two. A number of grey hairs mixed in with the black. Imagine to still have some colored hairs mixed with grey at after 96 years of living. He didn’t move fast but he stood tall. In the elevator I asked him his secret. He said eat veggies. He had served in the US Army during WWII both in Europe and the Pacific. His eyes were so bright and so full of life and love. I would bet he knew sadness in his life though. I can’t imagine many can get to 96 without knowing great loss. Not to mention being a black man born in 1920 and living through wars, the great depression, segregation, and the civil rights movement. Still he looked happy and content. I wish I had asked him how. If I could meet him again I’d buy him a coffee and just listen to his life and I would be so grateful for the opportunity.

So the key? I have no idea. My key to happiness changes. Some days I find happiness in just watching my kids laugh. Some days I find it in a clean home. Some days it’s a new haircut. Some days it is a long phone call with a far away friend. Mostly I am happy when I am laughing. So maybe it is laughter mixed with veggies.

Something else I’ve shared recently on my FB was this thought. It came to me after an argument with one of my kids. It wasn’t really an argument. It was more me telling one of my kids they couldn’t do something they wanted to do and them getting angry.

“Be in charge of the energy you bring to every moment.” 

I’m not sure if that can be considered the same as “Maintaining a positive attitude”. Not everything in your life will be positive. A death, a diagnosis, divorce, financial difficulties, the loss of a job, etc. – those are not things one can be positive about. BUT a person can always choose the type of energy they bring to the moment.

Happiness is a slippery little sucker. I think the only key is to how you respond to difficulties and the credit you allow yourself once through it. Some days you will be more badass than others.

***I am participating in the Wego Health – Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. It is never to late to sign up and get the prompts. Great for anyone struggling with writer’s block. Click >>>>> link to sign up.

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