My Meme Of Fours

I have been in a slump. A writing slump. Some due to time (poor time management to be more precise) and some due to writers block and some due to pure laziness. We won’t discuss which cause has been most prevalent.

Then Laddie over at Test Guess and Go posted the “Meme of Fours” – she got it from Kelly at Diabetesaliciousness who in turn got it from Scully at Can.D.Gal and Stephen at Happy Medium and Rachel at Refreshing D and Kerri at SixUnitlMe and finally Jeff at Jeff Mathers Dispatches – my point this “Meme of Fours” gets around.

Also – I need to thank Laddie who sent me to Kelly who introduced me to Rachel and Jeff’s blogs which I don’t know that I had ever read.

Are you all back from reading everyone else’s posts yet. No hurry, I can wait.

How about now?

Great – good stuff out there in the blogosphere right.

Try not to compare all their ^^^^  wit with mine – totally not a fair comparison.

took this image from Laddie’s page

1. Four names people call me other than my real name.

  1. Chris (only Becky from the DOC calls me Chris) which is just short for Christina so does this count?
  2. Tina – again a short version of Christina but my preferred name – still boring right?
  3. Tiny – only my dad – and I’m not tiny anymore
  4. Texas (used sparingly by friends in CA when I moved there from Texas)

2. Four Jobs I’ve Had

  1. Photo technician during high school
  2. Ride operator/ training supervisor at Six Flags Great America in college
  3. Contract Specialist while active duty in the United States Air Force
  4. Pre-school teacher and substitute teacher

3. Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once

  1. Forest Gump
  2. All Harry Potter movies
  3. All Marvel movies
  4. All LOTRs movies

4. Four Books I’d Recommend

  1. All Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon
  2. Watership Down (my newest most favorite book)
  3. All Harry Potter books
  4. All Chronicles of St. Mary books by Jodi Taylor (super fun time traveling historical fiction with just enough sass to keep you laughing)

5. Four Places I’ve Lived

  1. Born in WI – got out as soon as I could (seriously I joined the military to get out)
  2. Texas – where the USAF took me.
  3. Northern California – I thought Id hate it but it turned out to be my most favorite place ever. I miss the beaches and sunshine.
  4. Suburbs of Seattle, WA. – don’t let the hype fool you – it doesn’t rain all the time.

6. Four Places I’ve Visited (this is the one that makes me want to reevaluate my life choices – to all the young unmarried or recently married with no kids yet people – TRAVEL now – see the world or as much of it as you can before you add extra passengers to your flight plans)

  1. Cancun Mexico – that was fun
  2. Ohio – envious aren’t you?
  3. Florida/Orlando – my favorite non-beach vacation spot because umm – Disney and Universal Studios duh.
  4. Whistler Canada – its beautiful.

7. Four Things I Prefer Not To Eat

  1. Lima Beans
  2. Beets
  3. Chinese Food
  4. Lemon squares

8. Four Of My Favorite Foods

  1. Mexican food
  2. Rocky Mountain caramel apples
  3. Mushroom anything
  4. Butternut Squash anything

9. Four TV Shows I Watch

  1. West Wing (over and over again)
  2. Agents of Shield
  3. Elementary
  4. Doctor Who – especially Doctor #10 David Tennant

10. Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year

  1. Summer
  2. A vacation somewhere possibly the East Coast to visit Brian, go to DC museums, and Hershey park. Sadly I don’t think FFL in Orlando is in the cards this year.
  3. Finishing painting the interior of my house (we’ve now lived in the house 1 year and I just started painting)
  4. Seeing the Washington and Oregon coast lines – basically the ocean

11. Four Things I am Always Saying

  1. Negative ghost rider, pattern is full (said to my kids when I need to say no to something)
  2. I can smell a lie like a fart in the car
  3. I could use a nap
  4. Don’t roll your eyes at me

Couple disclaimers:

  • in regards to places I have visited – I do not mean to say that I regret my three amazing kids when I say “reevaluate my choices” but traveling with kids is hard and expensive. I wish I had gone to far away places like Scotland and New Zealand before having kids because with kids it is just too expensive for our family.
  • I realize I totally cheated with books and movies by including the word “ALL” but it isn’t like you would read just one Outlander book or one Harry Potter book/movie or see just one Marvel movie. It isn’t really cheating when it is logical.
  • None of my answers can be used to guess my passwords.
  • My life (even to me right at this moment) may seem mundane but I can assure you I am quite happy with my little life. I have served in the United States military. I have multiple degrees from Universities. I have three amazing kids who I occasionally want to throttle but adore none the less. I have the most amazing friends all over the United States and in other countries. To me the value of my life is counted in my relationships more than the places I’ve traveled, the jobs I’ve had, or how well read or cultured I am. Not that this isn’t a fun post, although I enjoyed reading the other ‘Meme of Fours’ more than writing mine. I do wish I had better nicknames.
  • No there is nothing diabetes related in this post. Well except for the mention of FFL (Friends For Life), a huge diabetes conference that happens in Orlando each July. We had planned to go but it just isn’t in the budget this year. If you haven’t gone you should check it out and consider going. You will love it whether you are an adult with Type 1 or a parent of a child with diabetes.

Thanks Laddie, et al. for sharing your Fours.

8 thoughts on “My Meme Of Fours

  1. GREAT list! Especially the disclaimers. I think \”the value of my life is counted in my relationships\” is priceless advice. And you\’re right– \”It really isn\’t cheating if it\’s logical\”.

    Also: Have you considered applying for a scholarship to FFL this year? Just an idea. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Stephen for your kind words.
      as far as the scholarship – we would not qualify. We make plenty of money but we have to make choices on how to spend it. We will still do a vacation but it will cost less than the trip to FFL and honestly it isn’t all about the money. My dear husband has taken us to FFL 4 times. He is typically the type to want to try new things and he sacrifices his desires for me and the kids. Choosing to skip Orlando this year isn’t only money – it is recognizing the desires of my spouse too. We will shoot for 2016 for FFL.


  2. I have never seen any of those movies on your list — and am probably the only person in the country (who is old enough to see “R” rated movies) who can make that claim.

    Also, when you come to visit Brian, give me a ring! He and I live pretty close, and I’ve never met you before. Or him, for that matter. But this could be an opportunity.

    (And may I borrow quote #2 sometime? I always love a good fart joke)


    1. Seriously Scott> None of the movies? Im sad for you.
      The trip isn’t planned yet but I certainly let you know.
      The fart quote is from the 1990 movie “Pump Up The Volume” with Christian Slater thus I have no claim to it.


  3. yay this was so fun! lol @ the pump up the volume quote, I just RTd something about that movie yesterday!

    sorry to miss you this year at FFL but I completely understand your reasoning. 🙂


  4. In high school–many years ago–I ate an entire pan of lemon bars. It was so delicious. And then I felt so bad. I don’t think I’ve eaten any since then.


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