I Saw Red

Middles has been pumping via Animas Ping since Jan 5th. We’ve been mostly faithful Animas users for over seven years. Sugarboy started pumping with Animas in Aug of 2007. He upgraded to Animas Ping just as soon as it was available. Sweetstuff started pumping Animas Ping in Aug 2009 just 3 months after diagnosis. She switched to Tandem TSlim in December of 2013. Both Sugarboy and Sweetstuff used the Medtronic 530 and Enlite for 90+ days during a study as well but those units were returned after the study. I’ve never shared my thoughts regarding the 530 pump and Enlite because they wore them as part of a study and it wouldn’t have been ethical for me to share my thoughts regardless of our experience with the devices.

Over the years we have had very few issues with our Animas pumps. But tonight we had an issue with Middles pump.

He got a low battery alert earlier today but we were busy so he acknowledged the alert but didn’t switch the battery right away.

Nearing bedtime my boy checked his blood sugar and was running high. Unusually high. He went to correct and couldn’t read the screen. The text was red and jumbled up.


Thinking it might have something to do with the low battery we replaced it. We would have replaced it before bed anyway.

Although difficult to read we changed out the battery and completed the required full rewind and load for the cartridge. I was able to do this despite the limited visibility because after 7 years I know the screens by heart.

After the battery change and cartridge load it was still unreadable.

Thankfully we have a spare Animas. I input Middles pump settings in Sugarboy’s old pump and sent him off to bed.

I dialed the toll free number on the back of the pump as my husband was suggesting it was too late and surely they wouldn’t be open. Silly man. Pump companies always have 24 hour tech support.

After a failed attempt to reset the contrast with the help of the Animas tech rep I was told a new pump would arrive Wednesday. Man I love Animas. Im also very relieved we had a spare pump handy.

Hoping for a safe landing for Middles and for some quality TV tonight so I can stay up and check his blood sugar in a couple hours to be sure he did land safely.


2 thoughts on “I Saw Red

    1. not a contest I wanted to win. I guess with 3 pumps on 3 kids it was bound to happen at some point. I am curious if his unusual high had anything to do with a malfunctioning pump. I think it was still functioning fine aside from the unreadable screen – still a bit scary.


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