Roses are Red Violets are Blue You can Save a Child Too

Last year some very wise and humble members of the Diabetes Online Community (Kerri Sparling, Bennet Dunlap, Kelly Close, Manny Hernandez, Adam Brown,  and Jeff Hitchcock) started something. It is called Spare a Rose, Save a Child. The campaign runs Feb 10th to Feb 16th and helps support the Life of a Child program sponsored by the International Diabetes Foundation.

Basically those of us here in the US and other developed nations have access to tools and medicine that keep our kids and friends and family and for many themselves alive and thriving. Sadly as with many chronic diseases children in many less developed countries never make it to adulthood because there just isn’t medical care and tools available.

No child should die from diabetes because they didn’t have access to insulin. Life for a Child with the International Diabetes Foundation uses donations to fund medical clinics around the globe – those clinics with your donations save lives.

This February as we approach Valentines Day we ask you to consider skipping the over priced bouquet to instead help save lives. The flowers that smell oh so sweet will die in less than week but children around the globe don’t have to with your help. YES –  I am being dramatic but this cause is near and dear to me. While I watch my kids sleep I know they will wake in the morning because they have insulin. Can other mothers say the same in all the great countries of our world?

This valentines perhaps you will consider sharing a hug, a sweet kiss (or a passionate one), a quiet walk in a park, a sunset – something other than the roses and instead share those dollars with Life of A Child. You can make a one-time donation or sign-up for a monthly contribution (I wont even make you watch a commercial showing you the sad withering faces of dying children while Sarah McLachlan sings In The Arms Of The Angels)

I also won’t make you paint your own rose because despite what YouTube says about “anyone can paint a rose” or “paint a rose in 5 easy steps” – NOT everyone can paint a rose – well everyone can but it certainly won’t look like the roses in the youtube videos.

Don’t make my painting be done in vain. Donate to Life of a Child.

Please click the link to Life of a Child and donate today. Even if it is just the cost of one rose, after all giving just 11 roses is the newest trend to show you really care – I mean if you absolutely have to give roses.

Want to hear more about Spare a Rose, Save a Child? click the links below to read the about it straight from a couple of those who started it.

Kerri – Six Until Me (after reading Kerri’s post scroll down to find a list of all those in the DOC who have joined the campaign – you can join to by sharing Spare a Rose, Save a Child on your website – don’t have a website – share any of the posts (including this one) on Facebook, Twitter use #sparearose , and email – right after you donate a few dollars – or more.)

Bennet – YDMV

Kelly & Adam – DiaTribe

Jeff Hitchcock – Children With Diabetes (there is a link to Life of a Child on the left side of the page. After donating check out all the awesomeness of CWD – maybe consider registering for Friends For Life – you won’t regret it)

Manny and the DHF team – Diabetes Hands Foundation

If you missed any of the 3 links I shared to Life of a Child – click this awesome banner!

Spare_A_Rose_1Thank you for your support and generosity.

Changing the world and saving lives a few petals at a time.

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