Wordless Wednesday

There was a Jog-A-Thon at Sugarboy’s school today. Beginning Blood Sugar 247. The kids would run for 30 min. Sugarboy ran his little heart out. He completed 3 miles. Not too shabby. After the students got a popsicle. I asked him to check his BS. He asked me to do it while sprawled on the grass, said he felt low.

Then this…

It says 36.

He didn’t feel it until he was sitting down sucking on a popsicle. He finished running 10 min prior. Messed with his friends, counted his laps, posed for a class photo. No indications he was spiraling closer and closer to a truly unsafe number. Not until he was sitting and his body took stock did something click that something wasn’t quite right.

He drank a juice, a fruit roll-up, another fruit-roll up, his popsicle, and a bag of gold-fish before he felt human again. In the meantime classmates surrounded him with well wishes and concern, they patted his back and sat near him. 27 of these amazing young humans checking on my Sugarboy. (Yes he ate it up, despite how he must have felt he was smiling and nodding his head and saying thanks)

I didn’t leave school grounds until his blood sugar was above 90 (which didn’t take long with all the carbs he ate) It’s a half day so he will be home relaxing soon. I’m very proud of how hard he ran. I’m very glad he did eventually feel the low. I’m scared that he could have missed it had he not sat down. I’m glad I was there and thankful his teacher was vigilant as well and retrieved additional snacks for him. Most of all I’m thankful for all the support his entire class shared.

Ok – so not so wordless but you wouldn’t be either staring down a 36 or having been witness to truly amazing little humans showing such kindness and compassion.

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