Hump Day Humor

While I have a few draft posts waiting to be finished I have too much to do to complete them right now.

Thus in the meantime, here are a few humorous moments of the last week. They make sense if you have diabetes.

Middles: Oh darn it I did it again – I poked my finger before putting a strip in.

Sweetstuff: Rookie

Sugarboy: If I had 3 wishes I would only need two of them. First I would wish that anything I thought of in my head I would get in my hand. Like a cure for diabetes would be ice-cream. Second I would set the genie free.

Me: Why ice-cream?

Sugarboy: Well it could also be donuts. 

Sweetstuff: Hey Middles what are you?

Middles: 123

Sweetstuff: No way. I’m 123, quick Sugarboy what are you?

Sugarboy: 92 I’m better than you. 

Sweetstuff: Well me and Middles are Twinsies and its ‘123’ one of the best numbers.

Sugarboy: it would have been cool if I was 123 because then it would be 1, 2, 3 (pointing at siblings)

Sweetstuff: Eat some rice and recheck. It’s not cheating, its being creative. 

Middles: Well his meter could be off by 20% so really he could be 123.

Sweetstuff: Truth.

Middles calling from school, 2nd day 30 minutes after the start of school: Mom I forgot my schedule, watch and box of tissues. Can you bring them?

Me: do you really need those things today? You only get one free pass for me to bring you forgotten items all year. 

Middles: Well I don’t know when to check my sugar since its written on my schedule and I don’t know the time without my watch. you can leave the tissues at home. 

Yes – he played the D card. Yes I took him his stuff (including tissues). I will thank him for being responsible about checking his blood sugar after I remind him to be more responsible with his belongings. 

Sweetstuff: Boys are stupid. They want to talk to me but don’t know what to say so they ask me if they pull on my pump tube if I will die. 

Me: Yes boys are stupid. And they have cudies stay away from them.


6 thoughts on “Hump Day Humor

  1. Thanks for the hump day humor:) I love the “one pass to bring stuff ” idea. I’ve already been twice….for my high schooler!


  2. You’ve got some great kids, and I see that Middles is learning quickly from his brother and sister. Watch out — together the three of them will come up with some conniving scheme, stage a coup, and PEOPLE WITH DIABETES WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!


    1. wait PWD don’t already rule the world? Chad and I are already outnumbered so if the kids decide to stage the coup they will win. It is true though – diabetes should be scared – the Ghosn’s are a force to be reckoned with.


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