Not The One Where I Get Philosophical

I have a half-dozen drafts started regarding all kinds of crazy.

Including the ‘green bracelet post’, one called ‘You Have my Sword’ regarding the DOC, and one about the theory of probability (where I get all philosophical).

But this post is easy so I am posting now.

Each year our family takes part in the JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes. The kids look forward to the JDRF walk every year and now that they are older they get very competitive. Feel free to donate to any of us on the team page or to the team as a whole. Donations = hugs. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

This is our walk video this year: Stick With It Sugar Walk video 2013


This is our walk page:


This is where you can purchase your very own Stick With It Sugar t-shirt even if you are not walking with us on October 20th: When you purchase a Stick With It Sugar t-shirt you are also supporting the JDRF as all proceeds will go directly to the JDRF. To keep the cost of the shirt down we have set a goal of 100 shirts to be sold. The shirts will not be printed until we meet our goal. (although I can reduce the goal amount to ensure everyone that wants a shirt can get one even if we don’t meet the goal of 100 – To get the shirts at $15 we do need have at least 30) The T-shirt campaign ends August 27th so order soon – why not right now?

shirtFront shirtBack

6 thoughts on “Not The One Where I Get Philosophical

  1. I’m doing the JDRF walk in Raleigh NC on November 2nd! LOVE the t-shirts, and am buying one for myself, even though I have a team here and am fundraising as well. A donation to JDRF is a donation to JDRF – you rock!!


    1. Thanks Rhonda – Even though they say our team name (my blog name) I tried to envision everyone wearing them – my blog name came from a comment on a twitter post. A friend shared that she was having a crappy Diabetes day and I tweeted “Stick with it sugar”. Thus my blog name was born. Glad you like the shirt. You should have it by the second week of september although if I reach 100 shirts before Aug 27th I can have them printed early. Im sure we will reach the minimum of 30 but feel free to share the link to speed up the process. All profits from the shirts get sent directly from Teespring to the JDRF. Thanks again.


  2. It’s a great shirt all around – very universal, so everyone CAN wear them!! Will hopefully inspire some conversation and learning experiences as well. (And help find other PWDs in the wild 🙂 )


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