Wordless Wednesday



No it’s not really wordless – thats really to high an expectation for my wordy brain.

IMG_2134Its been 9 days since we returned from our trip to Florida for the Friends For Life conference and family time at Universal Studios/Harry Potter World. I’m still experiencing some withdrawals. I miss my friends terribly and I miss Butter Beer. (don’t judge its awesome).

I miss all the hugs. I didn’t count but I would bet I gave and received well over 100 hugs.

I had met a number of the folks I spent time with previously but there were a few that I had not met in real life prior to the trip and I didn’t realize how much I would miss them when I got home. It doesn’t make me sad to miss them, it makes me realize how easily it is to love others so deeply. I am feeling very blessed to know them.

Last night while tucking in my littlest he told me how much he likes one of them too as he held a new gift in his hand (received in the mail earlier yesterday). He fell asleep smiling and my heart was full.

This will be my last post about FFL (aside from a green bracelet post that isn’t really about FFL). For all those out there who haven’t attended FFL yet. I know it’s expensive (the traveling part and hotel part and lost time at work) but if you can pick a year and plan for it – you won’t regret it. There are also scholarships available for both families and individuals via Diabetes Scholars Foundation. If you have been and have the means maybe consider supporting the DSF to help get others to the conference.

Thank you everyone who hugged me. I still feel the love. 

A HUGE thank you to my dear husband – he made the trip possible. He doesn’t get over here to read my blog very often – doesn’t really have to because I’m always babbling at him about the same stuff. Still if y’all have him in any other social media – maybe tell him he’s awesome.


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Dear C (not you, Tina, your hubs…) – you are AWESOME for making the FFL trip possible for your family. Thank you! Not only did you help them experience some great things, but their light shined out into many other’s lives as well. Thank you!


    1. Thanks Scott- not sure he will ever see that since I swear he has been to my blog maybe twice. For him it is like reading a book after you see a movie – I babble at him non-stop with all the same stuffs. Feel free to find him on FB or LinkdIn. 😉


  2. This was the first year they had scholarship for adults. We need to make sure that all our favorite adult T1s know about that so we can prove to DSF that it’s worth it to keep offering it!


    1. Oh it would be shame if DSF didn’t continue it. Kids grow up to be adults – adults with D have so much to contribute – sadly FFL is costly and its great DSF can offer some assistance. Ill keep spreading the word.


  3. I wish that everyone affected by diabetes could experience the magic that is FFL. it would be a far less lonely disease.

    And Butter Beer is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had.(right behind Diet Coke)


    1. Im grateful the DSF has added scholarships for adults with D. Even if folks can just attend 1 year – it makes such an amazing difference in living well with diabetes.


  4. I keep hearing such wonderful things about FFL – I definitely need to make the trip next year! I was diagnosed with Type 1 at 21….and felt like I was an outcast because all the diabetes events and camps and conferences were for kids then. I’m so happy I’ve finally found the DOC and keep hearing about events and support for adults with Type 1, at last!!


    1. You have Kerri of SixUntilMe and Scott of Scott’s Diabetes to thank for all the greatness that has been added to CWD FFL in regards to the adults with T1 tracks. It makes sense to have it since kids grow up. I hope you can make it to FFL in the next couple years. I am certainly thankful I found the DOC back in 2012? Again thanks to Kerri and a post she wrote about the DSMA. My life and the lives of my family have improved so very much since I found the DOC. DOC = LOVE


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