Grumpy Cat Says – No.

Day 24 Health Activist Writers Month Challenge

Today I was supposed to create a Pinterest board and share it for wordless Wednesday. Instead I drew a picture. I drew the picture because I am still unclear about all the laws pertaining to using other people’s photos without permission. I don’t happen to know Tardar Sauce’s “Grumpy Cat” family so I drew him instead. (I do not claim to be an artist and trust me when I say no one has ever accused me of being an artist)



There are folks in the diabetes community (mainly moms of children with diabetes) that are proposing a name change for diabetes. It is their belief that changing what we call diabetes will end confusion and stereotypes. I don’t believe it will. For the past couple weeks I have been drafting a post about the name change petition/proposal. It was gonna be great, it was even going to quote Shakespeare. The thing is some of the best and brightest in the diabetes community beat me to the Shakespeare quote and they wrote awesome posts and said everything and more that I would have said. I can’t say it better than them or better than Grumpy cat.

Please check out these posts by fellow diabetes bloggers to learn more about the proposed name change.

Bennet at YDMV

C at theperfectd

Scott at Strangely Diabetic

Bob at T Minus Two

Lee Ann at The Butter Compartment

HERE is short video with Manny Hernandez the founder of TuDiabetes  about a different petition – a petition to unite us. This is the one I signed but you should make your own choice.

Here is the Petition to change the names of diabetes. I just want to say I respect these moms. I understand where they are coming from and what they are trying to do. I just don’t agree with them.

4 thoughts on “Grumpy Cat Says – No.

    1. Thanks Bob – I enjoy your posts and your poetry. I had lots of time on my hands at the lab waiting on my son’s glucose tolerance test – thus lots of time to draw.


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