No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee

Today is Day 9 of the Health Activists Writers Month Challenge

Today’s Challenge: As a parent with health conditions or a parent to a child(ren) with health conditions, what do you hope you’re doing right?

I am having a difficult time with this one today. Many other days I would bust out a list about teaching my kids the best way to manage diabetes, be responsible with homework, be responsible with money, teaching them to treat others with kindness and not judge people. I would say that I hope I have helped my kids believe in themselves, treat themselves with kindness, like who they are. I hope I am teaching them to eat healthy, exercise, and avoid bad health habits. I hope I am allowing them to be themselves, and recognize how strong and brave and smart they are. I think I am doing those things – some days better than others.

Today as I cry over my spilled coffee. No I didn’t spill my coffee – my coffee maker decided (which it sometimes does) to leak all over the counter, down into the silverware drawer and onto the floor. An entire pot of dark, dirty delicious Sumatra everywhere but in my cup. I’m not crying over the mess or the fact that I will need to wait another 7 minutes for a cup of coffee. I’m crying because of the things I can’t control. Sometimes even when I think I have done everything right with this damn expensive coffee maker the shit still spills over.

coffeephoto Even with all the best tools (my coffee maker is a top brand and was costly) and all the best ingredients (come on is there a better coffee than the dark dirty deliciousness of Starbucks Sumatra – ok maybe the Tribute blend that is only available in March and April or the Christmas blend that is only available during the holidays – both of those btw are blended with aged Sumatra – so really Sumatra is the best) – sorry I digressed – even with all the best tools and ingredients shit can still spill over and ruin our mornings, nights, mid afternoons and random Wednesdays. Clearly I am not talking about coffee blends or overpriced coffee makers – although I’m also obviously obsessing over my spilled coffee and the fact that I still don’t have a cup. I’m talking about all the tools and drugs we use to manage diabetes.

So while I hope I’m getting most everything right I also hope that on the days things don’t go as planned I hope I’m handling it well and teaching my kids to wipe up the mess, brew another pot and maybe not cry over spilled coffee.


2 thoughts on “No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee

  1. I hate to say it, but I think in diabetes, it’s impossible to get it all right all of the time. Because even when we do everything right, things tend to go wrong. But yeah, I guess that’s kind of your point, right? Okay, so I’ll just send a big hug.

    Oh, and have you had Peet’s coffee???? Oh my dark rich goodness!!! We don’t have Peet’s near me, but I buy the beans in my grocery store. Cost a fortune but oh so worth it!!


    1. We have Peets here in Nor CAl but I don’t care for it as much as Sumatra. I do like Peets logo better and the atmosphere is fun. SBUX has become so “normal” the laid back hippie type atmosphere of Peets is more fun.


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