Caution Projectile Hate

Today is Day 7 of the Health Activists Writers Month Challenge

Today’s challenge: Say What!? What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard about health or your condition? Where did you hear it and what did you think? And/Or Share a ludicrous headline or cure. Do a news search and choose a ridiculous headline or proposed cure about your condition and writhe what you think about it.

I should warn you – I’m in a foul mood today. Last night was hard – stupid diabetes, I’m still upset about the idiot mom I wrote about Friday (oh I have more to tell but it will wait), my hubby is about a spider’s web thread away from x-lax in his coffee (yes while I am super sweet and kind and normally pleasant – I have a small yet dangerous passive aggressive side), and lastly this prompt today – while I have enjoyed reading many other posts it did not help me start the day all smiles. While looking for a headline I read so much bullshit I became sick to my stomach (ok that really may have been the 12 pieces of salt water taffy I ate but still I felt nauseous).

Diabetes has ‘only’ been a part of our lives for a bit over 6 years. (I say ‘only’ but you should know that is over 3/4 of my youngest sons life – so there’s that perspective). Still in that ‘short’ amount of time I have been told a countless number of ridiculously stupid asinine remedies, cures, and causes for diabetes – many times in front of my kids with diabetes – thanks assholes I love it when my kids hear about your dead uncle with no legs.  If you are a pwd or a parent of cwd you have heard all the same stories and thoughts so I won’t repeat them.

Of all the dull-witted, dense, lying ass websites I found while searching for a “cure” for diabetes one in particular takes the whole damn cake. Nope not sharing the link – I’m already pissed I had to find it a second time because one of my family members shut down my safari. Plus I’m annoyed that I left the page up for so long – I’m not tech savvy but I think the number of page hits and how long a person stays on a site is all tracked and can be used for advertising type crap. Thus – I hate that I went to the site – TWICE and had it open for so long.

AGAIN – THE FOLLOWING INFO IS SHARED TO ILLUSTRATE THE STUPIDITY OF PEOPLE AS WELL AS HOW THE GREED OF OTHERS WILL KILL US BEFORE DIABETES DOES – (all caps so everyone reads it – plus like I said I’m in a foul mood. I don’t want some newbie stumbling on this page believing any of the vomit I am sharing)

The website has 3 chapters about diabetes. what it is, what causes it and how to treat and CURE it. BTW – in case you were wondering the website is specifically referring to Type 1. The authors know the difference and are targeting type 1 not reversing type 2 – it is all type 1. Assholes.

Anyway the suggested causes > vaccinations, dairy products, inadequate minerals to produce insulin, food allergies, and heavy metals – plus orthodox medicine is pure evil and actually injecting people through Vaccines (the horror) with Type 1. The site mixes in a dash of truth, like how a person with type 1 often has a virus prior to diagnosis that sets off the autoimmune attack, so the less savvy pwd or parent of a cwd might actually believe some of the fiction that the facts are all wrapped up in. Another suggested cause is the most ludicrous yet – scar tissue surrounds the beta cells. Holy Mother of Stupidity – this line follows the scar tissue explanation “There are two substances that have actually TOTALLY CURED some cases of type 1 diabetes. Some of these cases of diabetes had exists for over 50 years!! The way these substances work, it is highly possible they are curing cases of type 1 diabetes caused by a thick mucus or scar tissue because both of these substances are known to dissolve both thick mucus and scar tissue.” These substances can be purchased from the website and it is suggested that beginning patients take 30-40 pills a day. The makers recognize the heavy cost burden but clearly the results are worth it. (After reading that a serious of FUs were said aloud to my computer) – oh wait there’s more – these substances can also reverse the damage diabetes complications have caused.

In addition to the 30-40 pills and drops of some liquid the patient should take there is this diet:


The diet while taking this treatment is just as important as the treatment itself. Imagine that the treatment is gasoline for your car and cheating on this diet is like adding water to your gasoline. The diet is CRITICAL!!!

  1. Drink plenty of fluids with this treatment, especially distilled water (which includes the water you take with Chloromax). THIS IS CRITICAL!!
  2.  NO sugar of any kind, NO white flour, NO corn starch (these things feed viruses)
  3. NO aspartame (e.g. Equal, NutraSweet, etc.), NO artificial sweetners of ANY kind.
  4.  NO processed food, including NO V-8 drink (obviously NO junk food)
  5.  NO milk products (exception – goats milk or rice milk)
  6. NO soy products (absolutely NONE, this product may in fact be a cause of type 1 diabetes in some cases)
  7.  NO fruit juices that contain artificial sweeteners or corn syrup or sugar.
  8.  It would be good to eat 2 eggs a day to get protein and amino acids. (Oh Thank God – my kids could eat eggs – I was worried the diet would be too strict.)

Oh also – Type 1 is often caused by microbes entering the body via a dental procedure – specifically a root canal. Y’all enjoy your next dental exam.

Sometimes I hate people – not you – I like you. It’s all the other people like the ones who peddle lies to make money and sell false hope.

If you are new to diabetes – please don’t search the web for cures and treatments. Ask your doctor, ask your local JDRF or ADA office, find the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) on twitter by searching #DOC and #DSMA and ask for advice there, you can even ask me and if I don’t know the answer to your question I will help you find it from a reliable source.

Now someone get me chocolate STAT.

11 thoughts on “Caution Projectile Hate

  1. I think you are my new best friend.
    I love a blogger who is free to speak their mind.
    AWESOME post on the bullshit that comes out of stupid people’s faces.


    1. Thanks Scully. (You are still one of my favorites because you use a name from X-files) That being said – The Truth Is Out There. Sadly not on the sites I visited. Thanks for a cool comment. Cheers.


    1. Salt water taffy is a huge weakness for me – I can’t just eat a couple pieces. Honestly I will eat 20 before I even realize what I’m doing. Sadly there are too many sites like those I visited and sadly they take advantage of those already in difficult and desperate places.


  2. …. Wow….
    That’s all I got. I am glad to never have you as an enemy. But seriously let’s take advantage of those poor people who don’t know better…


  3. Sometimes I think that if you follow these regimens, you’ll end up dead. And if you’re dead, you won’t need to inject insulin anymore. Problem solved.

    Seriously, this must be how some of these salespeople think.


    1. I don’t think the salespeople ‘think’ about anything other than money. I worry for the folks who are less educated or in such a bad place that they become desperate.


  4. I am constantly floored by the crap and false hope that is non-stop shoved down our throats. If we listened to all the “this food is evil” and “this will kill you” we’d all die of starvation before whatever is ailing us could…ail us further.


    1. It’s all about the almighty dollar. I don’t know if the snake-oil sales people actually believe the bullshit they push or if it is all just to make a dollar. I’d like to believe they have good intentions but the websites I looked at did lost all credibility when they attempt to sell me something.


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