The 5 (oops 13) Things You Should Know

Today is Day 2 of the Health Activists Writers Month Challenge. Still not signed up – what are you waiting for? There are millions (or 26 according to how many poor souls follow my blog) of readers waiting to hear your story. Start HERE – you are only a day late.

Todays Prompt: Introduce your condition to other Health Activists. What are 5 things you want them to know about your condition/your activism?

Aside from being pictures of me this photo has nothing to do with diabetes  (although I did write a post about being the Mad Hatter).
Aside from being adorable pictures of me this photo has nothing to do with diabetes.
(Although I did write a post about being the Mad Hatter at some point).


I am a mom to three amazing kids. Two of my kids have Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease that can not be reversed or avoided by exercise, diet, cinnamon or magic tree bark. A person with Type 1 Diabetes must take insulin to stay alive. Taking insulin does not mean the person has the “BAD” diabetes. In case you were wondering there is no “Good” diabetes. Without insulin a person with Type 1 diabetes would die. Oh and BTW – insulin can kill as easily as it saves but it’s not like a person with Type 1 can choose not to take it. My kids were diagnosed at age 2 and age 9. They were never obese and I was not in the habit of pouring sugar down their throats. Again – One Cannot Cause Type 1 Diabetes. Kids Diagnosis Stories HERE

Here are the nuts and bolts (lancets and syringes) of Type 1 diabetes – using the word ‘you’ because it is easiest (I’m already very wordy so imagine me saying ‘one has to’ or ‘a person with diabetes has to’ or ‘my kids have to’ for every bullet):

  • You cannot out grow it
  • You need to poke your finger at least 4 times a day (my kids average 10 times a day)
  • You have to give insulin shots for every meal and before bed or wear an insulin pump that is attached to the body 24/7.
  • You did not cause diabetes (can’t stress that enough)
  • There is no cure for diabetes
  • Diabetes can cause a multitude of complications (heart, kidney, nerves, eyes – can all be damaged by diabetes) I use the word “can” because most if not all complications can be avoided with well-managed diabetes.
  • Woman with diabetes can and do get pregnant and deliver healthy wonderful children (despite what is depicted in the movie Steel Magnolias)
  • You can eat everything that everyone else can eat – doesn’t mean you should – there are somethings NO ONE should eat on a regular basis if at all.
  • Exercise will not reverse type 1 diabetes but exercise is good for you and will help you manage your diabetes.
  • You can do everything with diabetes that those without diabetes can do – except serve in the US armed forces or be a commercial airline pilot in the US. There are professional sports players, Olympians, Race Car drivers, Politicians, Judges,  Mountain climbers, Musicians, and Actors with Type 1 – kicking butt and proving daily that diabetes never needs to be a deterrent to your dreams.
  • You will sleep less – whether you are a parent of a child with diabetes or an adult with diabetes – diabetes screws with sleep. Thus I suggest napping often.
  • You are not alone – there are entire communities out here to support you, provide tips, make you laugh, and hold you when you cry.
  • Celebrate the wins, learn from the not-so-much wins, laugh often (there is a lot of opportunity for humor in diabetes “Are you High?”), don’t try to do it alone, numbers are just numbers – not good or bad – just road signs helping you find your next road, don’t let diabetes become who you are, It never gets easier but you get better.

Oh Shit – I was only supposed to list 5 things. Well I’ve never been a rule follower. I could likely list a dozen more.

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6 thoughts on “The 5 (oops 13) Things You Should Know

    1. Thanks Brian. No need to worry – nothing chocolate, xanax and coffee can’t handle. (Joking – kind of) Our budding friendship has meant a lot to me and I do hope we meet soon.


    1. Im certainly glad I took one today (feeling slightly guilty that I forgot it was wacky wednesday which means early release from school and thus my kid called me 10 min after the final bell to find out where i was – I was napping) anyway – I have two kids in the low 300’s – both got correction doses and I am waiting it out. Again – so glad I snuck in a nap today.


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