Shout out to Stephanie

I just had the best conversation with Stephanie who works for Universal Studios Online ticket sales in Orlando.

I am trying to move Heaven and Earth to get my family to the Friends for Life Children with Diabetes conference in Orlando this July.

We had attended the conference in 07, 08, and 09. Finances and life prevented us from attending since 2009. Now we are in CA and the cost of attending has doubled since we can no longer drive to the conference like we had when living in TX.

For me the conference is reason enough to hop a flight from San Fran to Orlando. It is also enough for my daughter and youngest son – both who have Type 1. However, while my husband enjoyed the conference in the past, the costs associated with traveling from CA to Orlando FL are a bit overwhelming. Thus – we are playing the Harry Potter card.

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios opened in 2010. We have been promising the kids a trip to the park for a number of years but again finances have gotten in the way.

Ive been researching airfares, hotels, rental cars and theme park tickets all morning.

I love the Coronado Springs Resort at Disney (the location of this years Friends for Life conference), however due to costs I had been researching other hotels as well. In addition to researching transportation options from Disney to Universal or Universal to Disney.

I had read online that if one were to purchase a 2 day Universal park hopper ticket that transpiration from Disney could be included – thus a call to the Universal Studios Online Ticket sales.

Stephanie answered my call. Unfortunately there is no free transportation from Disney to the Universal parks. Still I’m chit-chatty so I was brainstorming with Stephanie about transportation and vacation packages as well as programs available at Universal Parks for people covered by the American With Disabilities Act – those of you in the D know – know what I am talking about. Of course during that part of the conversation I shared about the conference and the options Disney has for those with special needs.

During that part of our chit-chat Stephanie shared that her husband of 22 years has had Type 1 since he was 9. WOW – such a small world.

We talked about scary lows, checking blood sugars before bed (Stephanie cracked me up when she said sometimes she will choose the blue icing to treat her husbands lows in the middle of the night – there will be evidence), how MDI has worked well for her husband, and scare tissue from using the same body real-estate for shots. And since not everything is D related we also chatted about Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings – clearly Stephanie and I could end up as great friends because she speaks my language.

Of course I shared how great Friends for Life is and encouraged her to register her family to attend – they live very close to Disney so it is totally doable.

Stephanie – if you are reading this – I thoroughly enjoyed our chit-chat and I do hope that both our families can attend Friends for Life this year. Please shoot me an email if you will be attending so we can meet.

(Yes I told Stephanie my blog name – not to plug my blog but because I wanted her to have a way to let me know if her family would be attending)

Now back to more research to find deals that will get my family to the happiest place on earth.

orlando 09 174
From Inside It’s a Bugs Life in 2009 Friends For Life
Universal Studios Friends for Life 2008
Universal Studios Friends for Life 2008
Magic Kingdom Friends for Life 2007 - BTW Sugarboy was a little high when we took this picture - thus unhappy.
Magic Kingdom Friends for Life 2007 – BTW Sugarboy was a little high when we took this picture – thus unhappy.

2 thoughts on “Shout out to Stephanie

  1. Great post! And great pictures from past FFL trips! I was so hoping to make it this year .. but seeing as how the twins will be born in a couple/few weeks… I can’t imagine toting two 2-3 month olds around the conference 😦 My hubby said if I could find someone to go with me we could maybe make it work .. but then we found out he’s likely going to China on a mission trip around that same time .. so it’s just not in the cards for this year I’m afraid 😦 I do so hope you get to go, though! I know how much you wanted to go last year, too. Miss ya!


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