Yesterday a FWD (Friend with diabetes) posted on a social media site about a low blood sugar before dinner. She included the phrase “WTFedness”. I didn’t find her low humorous but the phrase “WTFedness” cracked me up and I told her as much.

Diabetes has been frustrating the crud outta me lately. Unexplained stubborn highs for both kids. Multiple bad insfusion sites (place where insulin pump is connected to their bodies). Pharmacy mishaps when ordering test strips and insulin. Late night lows/highs that require me to burn midnight oil.

At some point in the last week I had thought – this build up of frustrations needs a word. Truly I did think that. Then comes my friend’s post with the phrase ‘WTFedness’ (is it a phrase when it is only one word but that word is short for a number of words?)

WTFedness – yup pretty much says it all when it comes to my frustrations.

My friend wrote a blogpost about WTFedness yesterday – you should read Kelly’s post HERE.

Last night was a whole night of WTFedness.


Before dinner was 241 – correction given with dinner bolus.

After dinner 7pm 262 – correction given (miscalculated dinner?)

Bedtime check 9pm – 278 – huh? correction given

11pm check (hoping all would be well and I could go to bed) 262 – WTF Diabetes – disconnected tubbing from infusion set (which was less than 24 hours old and worked properly earlier in the day) – primed tubbing (sent insulin though tubbing to clear any bubbles) – reconnected and gave a correction bolus. (how many parentheses are allowed in one sentence?)

1:00 am (really expecting all to be well and the boy would be going down) 262 – Yes this is where the WTFedness comes into play. Put in new infusion site and new insulin in pump. Moved the boy to my bed to keep an eye on him and set my alarm for 3am.

Slept through my alarm at 3am. Checked him at 6:30 – blood sugar 90.

All this of course happened just a day after his blood sugars were ridiculously high including a “High Glucose” the day before due to a bad site. Which was also the day before his endocrinologist appointment – screw you murphy and your damn laws.

So my question is do I have a box of bad infusion sites (same box working fine on daughter) or has the switch to Humalog from Novalog created a new level of havoc? Or is just typical diabetes WTFedness?

9 thoughts on “WTFedness

    1. I saw that later in the day after I posted. I get Kerri’s blog posts sent to my inbox but they don’t arrive until later afternoon or evening. It looks as though Kerri is having the opposite problem she was using Huma and accidentally switched to Nova. This is why I don’t believe one insulin is better than the others overall – it is just some insulins work better than others for different people. Also – I think there is a learning curve for each insulin because of subtle differences. Unfortunately we don’t have the choice to go back to Nova (insurance thing). We will just have to keep tweaking things till we make Huma work for us. It is day 7 and we are still seeing higher glucose levels overall despite basal increases and carb ratio increases. It’ll all work out in the end Im certain – just learning how to use different tools.


    1. The pharmacy keeps sending my kids stuff to our old address in TX vs our new address in CA – even though Ive addressed the address issues numerous times. Although I am still grateful for insurance and availability of the life saving tools and medications we have access to. too many people go without or are limited in what they can get.


  1. I cannot thank you enough for posting this! I had my own episode with WTFedness last night. My son utilizes the CGM and the high alarm went off EVERY TWO HOURS last night. I corrected each time and just could not get him to come down under 200 until around 4ish this morning. It’s nights like that which prove my addiction to coffee is completely justified. 😉


    1. Oh what I would give to have CGMs for my kids. Unfortunately our insurance wont approve ‘off label’ meaning anything that isn’t approved for kids under 17 by FDA thus no Dex G4 and Ive not ever heard anything good about the medtronic CGM although Im sure it works for some. The WTFedness has continued for 3 days now. Im convinced it is an adjustment period for the new brand of insulin. Im not suggesting Humalog is worse than Novalog because there are others PWD that prefer Huma over Nova. I think it is just an adjustment time needed to tweak things differently when we change insulin. As far as coffee – I live on it. I take it black and as bold as possible. THanks for the comment. Comments are like candy for my soul.


      1. We have the Medtronic CGM and I am fortunate enough to have insurance that covers it (though so far not the MySentry which was $2k). It isn’t perfect, but it works for us. I do keep his low alarm set at 70 though (higher than the diabetes educators suggest), and admittedly it has gone off when he wasn’t low a couple of times, but it has also saved us from a few nighttime lows in the 50s that I would not have caught until a couple hours later at the 2am check. I’m so sorry that your WTFedness lasted so long (I certainly hope it is over now). I’m still dealing with my own, making adjustments that don’t seem to be completely working and trying desperately to get the highs under control. I am raising a coffee toast to all of us who are struggling with our kid’s glucose levels, “May they all get under control quickly & may you all get some sleep!”


      2. His numbers are improving but I’ve also increased his daily insulin dose by more than 50%. I was given some Novalog from a friend and I am going to put it in his pump tonight. If he drops low a number of times over the next couple days Ill know its the change in insulin vs. a growth thing.
        Its always a balancing act. Im toasting you back with my ice cold (because I put it in the freezer and forgot it) diet Dr. Pepper. Cheers.


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