Did You Dose?

So Sugarboy took a shower before school Friday. Then he came down to eat breakfast. He tested prior to the shower and was high and he corrected by dosing insulin via his pump. Which (and he would be totally ticked at me for sharing this – but alas doesn’t read my blog) was why he needed a shower since he had an accident in his bed. It happens sometimes when he goes high at night. I thought he was good to go Thursday night when I went to bed at midnight with him at 178 with 0.6 units of insulin still working in his body. Unfortunately he wasn’t so he went high and thus the accident.

He finished his shower. Got dressed and came down to eat breakfast. He ate breakfast and I asked him to dose. He used his meter to dose his meal insulin (Animas Ping pump can bolus via his Ping meter). He ran off to brush teeth and hair. He had time to spare so he and his brother watched some TV while waiting for me to take them to school.

I stopped in the boys bathroom to turn off the light (they never turn off lights).

From the bathroom I yelled to Sugarboy: “Did you dose for breakfast?”

To which he said “yes”.

I said “no you didn’t.”

He said “yes I did”

I went downstairs, stood in front of him and said: “No, you didn’t.”

Without looking up he said “yes I did”

“no, you didn’t because I have your pump.”

At that point he patted around his waist, looked up and saw me holding his pump.

He had dosed using his Animas Ping meter which sent the bolus information to his pump to deliver the insulin. The pump and meter heard each other and the pump followed the instructions the meter sent remotely from another floor. Basically the pump dosed the bathroom counter.

Marcus reconnected and used the “fill canula” option to dose his insulin. He did not use the regular dosing features to dose since his pump believed he had already dosed. Dosing a second time would lead the pump to believe he had more insulin in his system than he did.

We love our Animas pumps but like any technology things can go screwy. Sometimes (although rare) the meter and pump can be less than 2 feet from each other and the meter will tell us it can’t communicate with the pump. Then there are these times (even more rare) that the meter and pump will talk to each other from an entire floor away.

From what I have heard the Animas Vibe – does not have the remote bolus feature. It had to be removed to allow for the pump to act as the Dexcom G4 receiver. Since the Vibe is not available in the US yet, and the Dexcom G4 is not approved by the FDA for people under 17 (thus not covered by our insurance) we don’t have to make any decisions regarding leaving the Ping option. But it will be a tough call once all the pieces fall together with the FDA and the Vibe. We love the remote bolus feature. Especially on nights where I need to actually use the pump to set temp basals while the kids sleep. (Remote cannot be used to change pump settings)

I do have a couple of suggestions for Animas though:

1 – provide a blood sugar check reminder alarm that can be set to alert user two hours after each meal or correction bolus.

2 – allow for multiple low cartridge alarms (blogged about that previously here)

I am grateful for insulin pumps – they make managing my kids diabetes much easier. I look forward to getting my kids the Dexcom G4 Continuous Glucose Monitors when the FDA approves for under 17 – when we test drove the Dex G4 it was the best diabetes week ever for me and both my kids. (Wish I could tell you more about our G4 experience but as participants in the G4 study to get FDA approval we was asked not to specifically blog about it)

I do want to say that I am not a pump snob. I believe that all the current insulin pumps available offer nearly the same features and get the job done. It is really just a user preference. Each pump available has slightly different features that may appeal to different families.

If you are considering an insulin pump I suggest discussing it with your doctor’s office, researching each pump online, calling the various manufactures to talk to experts, asking for opinions on twitter from people who use different pumps, consider your or your child’s life style, consider how much insulin you or your child uses in a three-day period (Animas holds 200 units – other pumps hold up to 300 units), and lastly although least important in my opinion – color options.

Here are some links to the pumps currently available in the USA.





Happy Pumping all.


4 thoughts on “Did You Dose?

    1. true enough. Color does matter to my kids – the ones with diabetes – as their mom I focus on function. But like I said – nearly all pumps are equal so it could very well come down to color options being the deciding factor. I must admit Medtronic offers better color options – especially with the skins they have. Animas doesn’t have skins – they have some rubber thing with very few color options that increases the profile of the pump – sorry Animas but that equals a fail.


  1. Remote options aren’t always a good thing, I suppose! I’m surprised the pump itself doesn’t beep or vibrate to acknowledge a command Pinged to it.

    The remote bolus is removed to make way for a Dex receiver in the Vibe. Is that to discourage people from bolusing off of CGM readings? I wonder.


    1. THe pump does actually vibrate to alert user that insulin is being delivered. Im sure it did vibrate while sitting on the bathroom counter. That dosen’t mean my kids pay attention to whether they feel the vibration. Luckily my daughter noticed the vibration when she didn’t expect to – my husband grabbed the closest ping meter to dose my son for cookies. It was my daughters meter so when he sent the bolus it was sent to her pump rather than Sugarboys. Luckily she noticed the vibration and yelled down the stairs to ask if someone was dosing her. Thus – she got cookies.

      From my understanding the last 1/2 inch of the animas pump (opposite end from battery and cartridge cap) is all the technology that allows for remote bolus. To add the technology for the G4 Animas would have to have increased the length of the VIBE by about another 1/2 inch. They chose to swap the remote bolus tech for the G4 Tech. Wish they would have asked Animas users – (maybe they did) I would have chosen a longer pump to keep have both tech.

      Thanks for the comments and reading. Cheers


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