Thursday Shout Out

So yesterday @saraknic author of Moments of Wonderful  shared her Wordless Wednesday post via Twitter. (Wordless Wednesday’s is when bloggers “only” post picture(s) – no text – on their blogs). @HenshawKim – new to blogging (1Type1) –  inquired as to what “Wordless Wednesdays” was. Sara was kind enough to share the themed day idea with her. Kim then asked what other theme days there were. I shared DSMA’s Blog Carnival with her but then also shared the following tweet: “On Thursdays it is #shoutout day – feel free to write all about me. (shhh Sara don’t tell her I made it up)” Of course I was having a go at Kim at the time, but all day today I was thinking “Why The Heck Not?”

Thus – today (possibly the last day of humanity on planet Earth due to large celestial bodies lining up and possibly disrupting/reversing Earths polarity or messing with gravitational pull causing climate chaos – but who’s worried?) The little voice inside my head just made the “Ahem” sound because I was straying from topic.

THUS – today I wanted to shout out to Tony @blogdiabetes. Tony produces podcasts dealing with diabetes and shares them on his blog Blogging Diabetes. Some of his podcasts are him sharing new technology, tips, tools, ideas and humor. Many of his podcasts include interviews with people prominent in the diabetes community, diabetes advocates, doctors, dietitians, fellow diabetes bloggers and more.

I had listened to a few of Tony’s podcasts back in the spring of 2012 but alas I got crazy busy preparing to move to CA and without daily reminders let the podcasts slip away. Recently something – and I don’t recall what or who – made me revisit Tony’s podcasts. His latest podcast (at that time) was an interview with Mike Lawson @MrMikeLawson @WSWCL  and I don’t miss an opportunity to hear Mike’s stories. He tells the best stories. After listening to Tony and Mike chat about diabetes, diabetes and dating, mirror mantras, the DOC (Diabetes Online Community), other great DOC peeps, and more I realized that I loved listening to others chat about all the things I care most about.

I normally listen to audio books while I clean house or take long drives. Listening to something while I clean improves my efficiency since I am less likely to be distracted by social media, the TV or my bed. Today I enjoyed listening to Tony discuss his experience with the Dexcom G4 CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitor) while running errands around town. Tony made standing in line at the post office a little less miserable.

So here it is my Thursday Shout Out is to Tony @blogdiabetes for his informative, insightful, and often humors podcasts. Thanks Tony – keep’m coming.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Shout Out

  1. Hi Christina, thank you for the shout out! Glad I could help make the waiting a little less painful. Since starting the podcast I’ve become a junkie on a few other shows. Thank you for the review too. The security code looks much better 🙂

    Happy New Year!


  2. I still think we need a theme for every day of the week. I bet if you searched the bigger blogging community for long enough you could come up with one. But what fun would that be?! I hate RULES!!! 😛


    1. Im not much of a rule follower myself but sometimes themes help with me with writers block. Tony does a great job with his podcasts and Ive enjoyed catching up with a number of them. Looking for my next Thursday Shout out.


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