Don’t Mind My Voice

This year brought huge changes in my life – in my families lives. The biggest change for our family was a move across the country from Texas to California. For me the biggest change was becoming part of a larger community. Not a community connected by streets, courts, high school football games and the local Starbucks – a community connected by something much stronger – love, support, understanding, and a common goal – to end diabetes.

Don’t misunderstand me – the move from Texas to Cali was life changing. At times before and after the move I thought it would do me in. Luckily I have amazing kids who are resilient, a husband that devotes himself for providing what is best for all of us and again,  – a larger community of people in the DOC (diabetes online community) that helped me feel less alone.

This months DSMA Blog Carnival asks bloggers to write a 2012 in Review Post. click this link to learn more on how you can participate.

“Take a moment to reflect on diabetes in 2012 – on a personal level, on a community level, on a technological level, anything you can think of.  What things stand out to you the most?  What did 2012 and Diabetes mean to you?  You can even take the challenge one step further, and post a collage of your Year in Diabetes!” 

I have attempted to write this post a few times. It either got too wordy or didn’t share enough. Thus I thought I’d make a vlog. How difficult could that be? Well it was a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Technological difficulties using my photobooth application on my apple computer left me frustrated – it looked like a poorly dubbed kung-fu movie. After I finally got a video recorded and tried to load it was told it exceeded the maximum size for my blog. ARGGGG – here is where YouTube comes in.

Warning – I write like I talk and I talk like I think – thus I ramble.

Thanks for checking my first vlog out. HERE

10 thoughts on “Don’t Mind My Voice

  1. Hey Christina,
    I found my way to your blog via Kerri’s blogroll and I’ve been reading it now and then for a while and I find it really inspirational. I don’t have diabetes, but I love your and your kids’ perseverance and outlook on life, and the way you take things that come your way and continue to excel. I enjoyed watching your vlog and wanted to tell you how impressed I was. I don’t have the guts to do such a thing. I hate hearing the sound of my own voice.

    Anyway just so you know, you have someone rooting for you in Israel – and we’re also awake when it’s the middle of the night in California.

    All the best,


    1. Thank you for your kind words Elisheva. I just checked out your last post on your blog and loved it. Im glad you found your way to me via Kerri – she is wonderful and writes very well. Glad to hear you enjoyed my video -I really do hate the sound of my voice. It sounds better in my head. Best wishes to you always and thanks again for the comment.


  2. Awesome vlog!!! It was like I was sitting down across from you and getting to know you better. Cool! Your kids are lucky. You are lucky! You are doing a fantastic job taking care of your kids. You are an inspiration. Oh, and there is nothing wrong with your voice. What’s not to like?


    1. Thanks Kate. I admit I am very lucky. Glad to know my voice didn’t hurt your ears. I’d much prefer to sound like Julia Andrews. I do hope we can have an actual sit down sometime. Warmest wishes for the holidays and 2013.


    1. Thanks Scott – I was very nervous and it took like 12 attempts since my phone would ring, or the dogs would bark – in one I sneezed and hit my knee on my desk. In most my words wouldn’t match up with the video so they looked like horribly dubbed kung fu movies. Kinda wished I had saved some of them for out-takes. The out-takes would have likely received more views. Love all the support. Best wishes always.


  3. Oh my gosh, I loved your vlog!! Your voice is adorable and so are you! Sounds like it wasn’t the easiest year, but your positive attitude is wonderful. And I loved hearing about the great opportunities you had as well.


    1. Thanks Karen for your encouragement and kind words. My attitude has usually leaned more toward the positive side but since finding the DOC Id say it has improved even more.


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