How Many Carbs in Sugar Coating?

Diabetes sucks but so does tripping yet it’s hilarious when someone trips (without being injured) and someone else asks “How was your trip?”

Sometimes Diabetes plays nice, other days not so much. Somedays I want to scream, cry, punch things (basically throw a temper tantrum). Then there are these moments, brought to you by my kids.


Me in car: “Sugarboy can you please check your sugar?” I hear the familiar sounds of him unzipping his D-bag, cocking his lancing device and the click of the finger prick. Then I hear Sugarboy say: “I’m bleeding!”


Sweetstuff after school in car: “I feel low. I’m gonna test. I’m 125 but I feel like 54. ” Me: “why 54?” Sweetstuff: “Why not?”


Sugarboy running through the house shirtless (but wearing green lantern cape) with a sword. Me: “Sugarboy have you put up your clean clothes?” Sugarboy (drops to floor moaning): “I feel low.” Recognizing the ploy I don’t rush to get his meter but I do get it and check him. Sugarboy: “What am I at?” Me: “You are 183, go put your clothes up.” Sugarboy: “Why am I only low when I WANT to do something?”


Sweetstuff: “I’m starving. Can I have some food?” Me: “Dinner is in an hour.” Sweetstuff “But I’m starving now.” Me: “could you be low, maybe check your sugar.” Sweetstuff: “Just because I’m hungry doesn’t mean I’m low. Why is it always diabetes with you?” Me: “you’re right you could just be hungry. So check your blood sugar and then have a small snack.” Zip, Beep, Click, Click, Beep Beep. Me: “So what’s your sugar?” Sweetstuff: “43. Shut up.”


After a recent argument with my dear daughter regarding homework. She asked me not to point out the obvious that if she had just done the assignment earlier she wouldn’t be stressed. My response was this:

It was hard for her not to crack a smile – she is fluent in sarcasm as well.


Diabetes likely provides more opportunities for frustration than fun so when there are giggle moments with Diabetes I savor them.Ā 




6 thoughts on “How Many Carbs in Sugar Coating?

  1. Diabetes isn’t awesome. Finding the humour in it and sharing that with the world? Totally is.
    Your kids are awesome, and so are you–they’ll grow up with the right perspective :].


  2. Thank you for making me laugh this morning, and for reminding me that a lighter side can be found in everything…even diabetes. šŸ™‚


    1. all goes back to the “laughter is the best medicine, unless you have diabetes in which case insulin is pretty darn important” Thanks for the comment – comments make me smile.


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