Dear Health,

Dear Health,

I know its been a while since I considered you. I know it seems that I care more about the health of others than about you. That unfortunately is true. I do appreciate that you have been holding on, patiently waiting for me to through you a bone. It isn’t that I try to ignore you, it’s just hard to find time for you when others depend on me so much. Luckily like so many of my friends you haven’t forsaken me even when I’ve been so neglectful of you. I do think of you and not only when my body aches or I notice my jeans are tighter. The thing is I think of you when I imagine what others might have to endure if you fail me or more likely I fail you.

One might think that knowing I am responsible for the lives (literally) of two of my children and the well-being of my family would be enough to motivate me to skip the fourth snickers bar (although they are mini, stolen from Halloween bags), or to go for a walk (but who would do the laundry or wash the dishes or cook dinner?), or to use my elliptical machine, or drink water rather than diet Dr. Pepper (oh the horror), or go to bed before midnight (but when would I blog?) There are always excuses. I know I make so many excuses and promises. All the News Years resolutions that I have failed to achieve – it’s sad. Yet you stick around. I wonder if I am playing a game of Russian Roulette. I wonder with each week of late nights, no exercise and pots of coffee – will that be the week a round is loaded into the chamber?

Yes I have noticed the little things. The sore muscles, the increase of migraines, the fatigue and of course the buttons on my jeans that seem to have moved further from the button-hole. Are those subtle hints that I need to stop and pay attention? You have gotten my attention. The field trip on Wednesday where we hiked for nearly 3 hours up and down mountain trails – yup I felt that. Still feeling it actually. So ok. I hear you. Time to get focused. Bed before 11pm, swap the soda for water (well baby steps – half the soda for water), time to put the Halloween candy up, stretch, walk the dogs (trust me my Buffy could use the exercise too), and no more coffee past 10am (oops baby steps – noon).

Thank you for playing so nicely for so long despite all I have burdened you with (no need for full disclosure of college years – you were there). I appreciate you and will try to be better, work harder and pay attention.

With warm regards and many thanks,


I am participating in the National Health Blog Post Month via Wego Health. Today’s prompt was write a letter to your health. I don’t often write about myself – this is a blog in which I mostly write about my kids and their lives with diabetes. The thing is my continued good health plays a large role in their health. I can’t take care of them if I am unwell. I’ve been lucky so far considering what I put my body through. I am fortunate to be able to do all I do when there are so many out there that do not have the same opportunities. This is where I remember the Spoon Theory and all my friends living with chronic illnesses that suck away their strength – what they wouldn’t give to be able to do the things I can do but choose not to do. Hugs to those friends.


One thought on “Dear Health,

  1. I should write the same letter to my health. It’s so hard to exercise and eat right when you’re sleep deprived. And diet Dr Pepper (DDP in our house) tastes so much better than water!


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