You Want The Truth

Day 4 National Health Blog Post Month

Prompt: Disclosure post. How do you decide what to share? What do/don’t you share?

I am swamped today. Lots of cleaning to catch up on and I have a game room to clean out so builders can start on my daughters bedroom. Knowing all I have to do with the house reminds me of how lucky I am to have one when considering all those on the East Coast who have lost their homes. Sending prayers to those who lost so much.

With all there is for me to do, I was tempted to post the following:

“You want to know about my disclosure – sorry I don’t disclose that.”

I have never been much of a planner. I have a tendency to dive in head first and check the depth on the way down. Up until recently.

Prior to moving to our new home and my dear husband accepting a new job I felt comfortable sharing medical insurance issues. Now our medical insurance company happens to pay our bills too since my hubby works for the company. Thus, any inadequacies I might find with the insurance benefits, doctors, customer service, etc. seem off-limits. Perhaps if my blog were anonymous it would be different. Happily there haven’t been too many things that I’ve wanted to blog about but felt restricted.

Another topic I have filtered since my move are my thoughts regarding schools in California when in regards to diabetes care. Since I am still working on ironing out issues it was best I didn’t share too much. As a parent of children with diabetes there is a fine line I walk in regards to the schools. It is important for me to convey the seriousness of diabetes along with the all too real dangers of diabetes. At the same time I need to help school staff feel comfortable taking care of my kids. California has some disturbing laws regarding who can administer insulin or even handle an insulin pump in the schools. Basically only a licensed medical professional can do anything with insulin (aside from the student). BUT most schools in CA don’t have nurses. Luckily my kids both wear insulin pumps and Sugarboy’s school was able to hire a part-time nurse. Still the fact that school staff are very stand-offish is concerning. I haven’t shared everything because I don’t know how many staff members at the school have found my blog (maybe I should rethink having it in my signature line of emails).

So there you have it. What I don’t share and why. If there is something I haven’t shared but you wonder about it feel free to ask.



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