Sunday Seven

I’ve been MIA. For the weeks leading up to our big move and since we moved I have been overwhelmed. Packing, moving, driving cross country, unpacking, registering the kids for school, writing and implementing 504s (legal documents that protect my kids with diabetes at school), meeting neighbors, meeting parents, scheduling play-dates for the kids, planing and hosting Sweetstuff’s 13th birthday party, etc. has taken every ounce of my strength and like I said overwhelmed me. I likely wouldn’t be overwhelmed if I didn’t miss Texas and all I left behind so dearly. I’d like to say TX wasn’t better – just different but to be honest it was better in many ways. Still CA is beautiful and all those I have met have been wonderful. I am certain that with time I will love CA as much as I love TX (please make this a true statement because I can’t stay sad forever). An example of how much leaving TX behind has effected me – I cried at the DMV. I had to register my van in CA. This meant getting new license plates. I tried to explain to the clerk I wanted to keep my TX plates after putting the CA plates on. He insisted I could not. Thus I cried. I didn’t start blubbering. Tears just trickled down my face right there at his desk. I took the tools he offered up so that I could remove the TX plates and I headed outside. While removing the back plate I cried outloud. I cried because it was just another step away from TX. Sappy right? Like I said “overwhelmed”.

Everything that has kept me busy getting settled in our new home has also kept me from blogging, reading blogs, and spending time with the DOC. I keep telling myself and others that I will catch up the next week – although the next week keeps me busy. Thus, I have decided that need to take baby steps to get back to where I was with posting, reading and participating. I am certain I didn’t coin the phrase “Sunday Seven”. I likely read it somewhere at sometime but I don’t know where or when – still it will help me get focused. In the future my Sunday Seven won’t have all this commentary before it – just bullets about the week.


Sunday Seven

  • Got to meet-up with awesome folks from the DOC while they attended a conference in Palo Alto – kidnapped Kim @textingmypancreas for a sleepover before sending her off on a train on Monday for the airport – she endured my crazy family well. I am so lucky to have met these wonderful DOCers and hope to see them again in the future. 
  • Ate lunch with some other Dmamas that live near me – while eating lunch a gentleman was listening in to our conversations. After we were done he approached us to tell us he as been a pwd with over 30 years and he says it sounds as if we are all “doing it right”.
  • Completed Sweetstuff’s 504 meeting – she is doing great in school and the school is awesome about accommodations and providing all the D support she needs
  • Missed DSMA on wednesday to celebrate Sweetstuff’s 13th birthday – OMG Im the parent of a teenager! 
  • Went looking for kids bedroom furniture so that my boys can share a room and I can move my daughter upstairs (currently in a bedroom downstairs) – its amazing how I can talk myself out of checking a blood sugar in the middle of the night knowing I would have to go downstairs to do so.
  • Bought a trampoline – blood sugars on both kiddos dropped over 70 points with only 30 minutes of jumping – trampolines should have a fast acting carb storage pocket.
  • Cleaned up the house and backyard after hosting Sweetstuff’s sleep under the stars birthday bash. Half the girls were inside sleeping on the floor by 1:30am, Sweetstuff and a couple others made it until 4:30am before coming inside. Her blood sugars played nicely overall considering the amount of candy, pie, and s’mores she ate. 


6 thoughts on “Sunday Seven

  1. Despite the hard times, I am happy you are finding community in California. It certainly can’t be easy, but I definitely felt blessed that the time was right so we could meet in person last weekend, because you are one amazing lady! [Also: man, that is a fiiiine looking group of tweople!]
    It sounds like, though, there is a lot of good going on in the transition, even if it hurts right now, and I am hoping that the good things continue to amplify for you and your family :].
    Lots of love, Christina!


    1. Thanks Kerri. I honestly didn’t know how difficult the move was gonna be emotionally. I was so wrapped up with the logistics of it I didn’t stop to think what it all meant. I am a believer that everything will be ok in the end – I think there is a movie coming out soon here in the states with a line like “It will be ok in the end, if its not ok, its not the end” Love that. Thank you for your support – it means so much. I am so glad I got to meet you in person last weekend and hug you. You really are amazing yourself. Hope to see you again – here or there – always fancied a trip to Canada – just don’t expect me to watch hockey.


    1. Thanks for sharing Wendy’s post. It was really a wonderful post – I did find it funny that the first comment was written by a reader who moved to TX and wants to return to SF,CA.
      I will get where I need to be – I know I will – everything works out in the end – if it hasn’t worked out – its not the end.
      Can’t wait to see you in November – you visiting might make the move worth it all by itself. 😉


  2. Was happy to see a post from you. Glad your settling in out in sunny California. Miss seeing your tweets too. It is a busy life with 3 kids and 2 with type 1, I can speak from experience on that. See ya.


    1. THanks Tim. Not sure if some of my anxiety is due to my lack of posting (therefore thoughts up in my head that need a release) or is due to always remembering that I haven’t posted/tweeted in a while. The whole multiples things is a real bitch sometimes. Would love it if both their sugars would be in a good range when its my bedtime so I can get more sleep. I know you know what Im talking about.
      Im sure Cali will grow on me – I don’t normally resist change but the move is a whole lot of change all at once.
      Hope you and the beautiful ladies in your life are well.


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