Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Ribbon

August 22 • Day 2: These are A Few of My Favorite Things Post (trying to catch up with some great prompts from WEGO Health Advocating for Another Blog Carnival)

List time! Write 5-10 of your favorite things about your loved one. Celebrate their uniqueness and be sure to tell us why those are your favorite things.




  • Responsible – takes care of her diabetes with little help, watches her brothers when needed, always does homework without reminders.
  • Kind to all living things – animal lover (and they love her back), helps strangers and friends without questions.
  • Wise and witty (slightly sarcastic) – she is wise beyond her years and has a quick mind that often gets her into trouble with a touch of sarcasm.
  • Humble – she accepts a compliment with grace, admits she isn’t perfect, asks for help when needed.
  • Compassionate – she feels deeply for all those she knows both on two legs or four. She will sacrifice her own comfort for others and seeks to help when needed.



  • Joyful – the boy is always smiling and finds joy in most everything in life.
  • Sincere – he is honest and true to his heart.
  • Funny – he shares jokes and funny stories and finds humor easily in even difficult situations.
  • Resourceful – he will find a way to make something happen if it is important to him.
  • Kind – Aside from with his sibling he rarely shares a cross word and will help all who are in need.



  • Generous – the boy will always give up what he has if it will result in happiness for another.
  • Sensitive – His heart is too big for his brain at times and thus he can get his feelings hurt easily but this also allows him to recognize how easily others can be hurt.
  • Polite – ALWAYS remembers his manners.
  • Fearless – he will try new things without a second thought – he is afraid of nothing other than developing diabetes (can you blame him?)
  • Loving – For every hug I get from either of my other two kiddos I get three from Middles.


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