Wordless Wednesday

Most awesome gift ever arrived today! Sent from a BFF from Texas. Can’t wait to send kids off to school so my couch and I can get reacquainted as a get lost in the halls of Hogwarts.


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I’ve been reading the Harry Potter series to my 94 year old mom and she loves them! We just started Order of the Phoenix. Happy reading! 🙂


    1. Harry Potter will always be a timeless classic and clearly is also ageless.
      I admit I haven’t read any of them. The first movie came out when Sweetstuff was only 4 and daddy took her to see it. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea but she loved it. I saw it on DVD a year later. He took her to see the 2nd and third movies as well and I waited for DVDs again. By the 4th movie he was taking both Sweetstuff and Middles and still I waited for DVDs. This continued for the 5th and 6th movies. We all went as a family to the 7th and 8th movies. I kept saying I would read the books – we all loved the movies. I decided after the 8th movie I would wait a year then read the books. Time got away from me and I still had not read them. One of my closest friends kept insisting that I start reading them. Apparently she was tired of waiting for me to go get them to read so she sent them to me. I have the best friends. With as much as I loved the movies I can only imagine how much I will love the books. School starts the 28th. Im sure it will take me a week or so to get schedules and routines decided but after that I am sure all my free time (as well as time I should be working on unpacking) will be spent reading HP. I can’t wait to read about all the adventures that were not included in the movies.


    1. What are you the Wordless Wednesday police? If you look back at my other WW posts you will note that this last one was certainly an improvement. 😉
      Miss reading all your blog posts – will be catching up soon.


    1. Like having two kids with type 1 wasn’t enough to cause sleep deprivation – now I will never sleep. Seriously I was up at 3:30 reading till nearly 6am. Couple chapters left of book 1. Yes-definatly more story in books which is common but I didn’t realize how much better it would make the stories.


    1. Not sure what I did to deserve all that but thanks a bunch. Just put a smile on my face as wide as TX. You are too good to me – especially after Ive been absent for so long. Ill be back ignoring all my other responsibilities soon.


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