Be Thankful

Tonight I am thankful for the opportunity to argue. I am blessed.


Less than a week ago I learned that an incredible family was attending an amazing event. There is no other family more deserving. I am not comfortable including names or events since it is not my place to do so. I learned tonight that one of the parents of this family had to be hospitalized during the vacation. My heart aches for this family. I have said multiple prayers already and will continue to send up healing prayers. I hope you will join me. You do not need to know names or circumstances – just pray for those in need of healing, families in need of support, spouses in need of comfort. The Lord will know of who you are thinking of.

I had a great day today. I twittered, I read blogs, I unpacked from a great trip to see my dear husband, I cleaned house, I had a dinner with a friend. Then things got a little messy with family and I was feeling down. I sent out a message on twitter “good day gone bad – should go to bed but instead twittering and reading blogs – send recommendations – I need something up lifting”.

I got a tweet back from a fellow D parent offering support and kind words. I replied with gratitude and questioned why he would be on twitter when he was at an awesome event that I couldn’t attend. He then shared the news of the family in crisis. Thus I felt ashamed for feeling down about arguing with my spouse and whining about a good day gone bad. I am blessed to be able to argue with my spouse. I would prefer not to argue of course – although sometimes I would prefer to tar and feather him. The thing is I am blessed with the opportunity.

Tonight I want to take a minute to thank God for providing me the opportunity to fuss at my spouse. To argue with my kids. To scold the dog. Then I want to ask him to continue to provide those opportunities for this other family. I’m guessing my family is not much different from most – for every moment spent fussing at each other we have 100 moments of joy.

Therefore – dear Heavenly father grant all those that I know many opportunities to fuss at each other. Keep them safe and well. Poor down your grace upon this particular family. Heal the unwell and strengthen them.

4 thoughts on “Be Thankful

  1. Very well said. It’s sometimes hard to remember that when you are going through a rough patch, someone somewhere could be having things go much harder for them. Be thankful for what you have, always.


    1. Fussing at my hubby is par for the course – My prayers are with the other family and for all families dealing with chronic illness and worse. thanks for kind words Teri.


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